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An eclectic mix of free courses from Life Makeover Academy, some for narcissistic abuse recovery and some for empath entrepreneurs. What have you got to lose? Go pick the ones you like and sign up!

PLAN to Leave a Narcissist

PLAN Stands for Planning to Leave a Narcissist – and this is your PLANning Toolkit! Includes a practical, no-fluff guide to how to safely leave a narcissist and free tools to help you get it done.

60-Day No-Contact Calendar

Struggling to stay no contact, or having trouble letting go? The no-contact calendar offers daily reminders plus inspirational articles and videos – all designed to help you take your recovery to the next level.

Find Your Passion!

What are you meant to do? Who are you supposed to be? What makes you happy? Not sure? Here is your very own, personal passion finder! Download and print this free workbook and watch your whole world light up! 

Free Tools from

Downloads, tools, projects and challenges from the QueenBeeing coaching team.

Self-Esteem Assessment

Take the Self-Esteem Assessment to see where you need to go from here. 

Stop Living in Fear: eCourse

Stop Letting Fear Stop You! It’s time to take back YOUR LIFE! In this Free 5-Day Fear-Busting course, you’ll learn:

  • How To Achieve Your Dreams During Your Personal Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and/or Crisis
  • The 6 Core Principals for Combating Your Fears
  • How to Become a Self-Talk Master
  • A Step-By-Step Plan to Diffuse Fear and Achieve Peace
  • How to Transform Failure into Resounding Success
The Reset Button

PUSH THE RESET BUTTON ON YOUR LIFE: DIY Body, Mind and Soul Reboot – Use your reset button from the comfort of your own home! Download free today. 

Narcissistic Personality Inventory Test

The Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) is the test most used in psychological research of narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder. While there are actually several versions of the NPI, this 40-question, “forced-choice” version is the one most researchers prefer. Based on the DSM clinical criteria for narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), the NPI means to measure these features in the general population.

PERK (Post-gaslighting Emergency Recovery Kit)

You’ll get tools on how to deal with the paralysis you experience in the aftermath of a narcissist’s gaslighting attack.

Plus, tools to help you with:

  • Understanding and Coping with Gaslighting Attacks
  • Understanding What Happens Inside the Mind of a Narcissistic Supply After a Gaslighting Attack
  • How to Claim Your Ideal Life
  • How and Why Listening to Yourself Will Help You Find Yourself
  • Understand Why You Haven’t Left Yet

Most Importantly: You WILL Learn to Choose Yourself. Finally.

Plus, I’ll help you figure out what to do next.





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