Hey there, Survivor! Thank you so much for buying my book!

I have big gifts for you!

Here’s Gift #1: The QueenBeeing New Life Starter Pack.

The QueenBeeing New Life Starter Kit contains further advice and help with launching and maintaining your new life of freedom from narcissistic abuse. Included in the kit are 13 ebooks and reports, each designed to help you in an aspect of your new, narcissist-free life. They include the following.

  • Start Off Your Week with Less Stress
  • Strategies for Parents: Help Your Child Let Go of Non-Essential Item
  • Grow Your Child’s Emotional Attention
  • Easy Ways to Boost Your Career
  • A Woman’s Guide to Mid-Life Friendships
  • Are Attachments Limiting Your Success?
  • Easy Tips to Brighten Your Home and Enhance Your Mood
  • Fundamental Rules for Dating After Divorce
  • How to Handle Difficult Conversations with Grace
  • Learn to Recognize Emotional Manipulation by Family Members
  • The A to Z Guide to Becoming More Optimistic
  • The Power of Raising Your Standards
  • Top 10 Ways to Maintain Perspective During Challenging Times

Here’s Gift #2: NEW!  My 60-Day No-Contact Calendar! Download it here.

This 60-Day No-Contact Calendar is a gift from me to you – all designed to help you take your recovery to the next level. It’s best-used with my book, Navigating No-Contact: A Roadmap to Recovery for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors, but is also useful as a standalone resource.

Hugs and love to you!


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