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If you’ve been reading my work long, you know that not only have I given away FitBits in the past, but I am madly in love with mine. You may also know that, in my opinion, it’s an important and incredibly useful piece of technology that can help almost anyone feel and look better because it makes them WANT to move more. I love it!

And it’s part of what helps me to keep the weight off. 

So I found a cool giveaway I wanted to share with you!

Win a Fitbit Flex Wireless! Fitbit_Flex_ads1

Here are the rules & info you need to know – take a good look at #3 – you can increase your chances of winning by sharing the giveaway!

  1. The giveaway is for 1 Fitbit Flex Wireless.
  2. Anyone +18 USA can apply, anyone can one.
  3. The prize is assigned randomly, however, you can increase your chances (gain points) by sharing the giveaway to your friends and family.

Visit the BestSeller Giveaway site to enter to win.

Here’s where you can connect with BestSeller Giveaway on Facebook. 

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