20 Ways to Live the Life You Want

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By Joneric Bohman

How does your life measure up to what you have intended it to be?  Are you living it the way you have always wanted?  If not, here are 20 ways to help you get started on pursuing the live you’ve always dreamed about, right now.

1. Change your perspective.  When you focus on what you perceive is negative in your life, you’re effectively choosing to draw more negative things into your life. Instead, choose to see and speak about the good things in your life–the things that make you feel happy, and focus on the positives. You won’t regret it–the more positive things, people and situations you embrace, the more good that comes into your life.

2. Be grateful.  Being grateful is a wonderful way of staying in a positive frame of mind.  By being grateful, you will see new opportunities and people who want to accompany you on the same route.  More of what is good will come your way.

3. Don’t complain.  If there’s one sure way to push others away, it is through complaining.  EVERYONE is trying to live a better life, and we all know that things are tough at times.  If find yourself complaining too often, look at how many people have stopped hanging out with you. Complaining might be the reason.

4. Every day is a new opportunity.  Getting caught up in what happened yesterday, or last month, is not going to help you in any way.  Accept what has happened, look at it as a lesson on how to do better the next time.

5. Do something.  As the eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman says: “There’s nothing to it but to do it.”  Get out there and take the first step toward accomplishing what you want in life.  If you don’t take that step, then there is no way that it could ever happen.

6. Focus on you.  Thinking about what others are thinking about you, getting caught up in what has happened TO you, basically giving power over you to others is dis-empowering.  Strive to focus only on the things that you actually have control over, and that is you.  What YOU say, do, think, etc.

7. Choose a purpose.  Its hard to decide what you want to do in life when you don’t feel like you have a purpose.  Going through a discovery process of what you are here for will help drive you forward.

8. Use affirmations.  Writing down good quotes on 3×5 cards, post it notes, or other things you can make noticeable will help tremendously.  It helps you feel good about yourself, life, and the things you are trying to do.

9. Discover your beliefs.  Our feelings are the result of beliefs we hold to be true.  If you go through life thinking that you are a bad person then that is exactly what you will focus on in every situation.  Its not that its true, its simply your subconscious focus.  So when you feel bad ask yourself what the belief is.

For a more in-depth look at this check out my article Change Your Life.

10. Don’t put life on hold.  What things in life have you wanted to do that you are “waiting” for things to be just right?  Well stop doing this now and just do what you can towards those ends immediately.

11. Make a list of things you want to do.  Crossing off things you would like to do from a list makes you feel so good.  I have a list that I put things I want to accomplish with my website as well as other life things.  They can be anything, small or big, that you write down.  I recommend small ones as well in order to help you feel a sense of progress.

12. Keep an open mind.  Keep yourself open to the possibilities.  Don’t get so set in your own perspective that you shut others out.  This is one of the easiest ways to make others dislike you, and not hang out with you.  Try to keep the perspective that you don’t know everything, and everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs.  You can always agree to disagree with others and still get along great.

13. Have compassion.  Like I said earlier, everyone is trying to live a better life, and we are all doing the best we can.  No one person knows everything so be kind and compassionate to others.  Now this doesn’t mean to let them crap on you, keep them accountable for their actions.  Be understanding and forgiving towards others.

14. Spend time with supportive, uplifting people.  Do your best to let go of relationships that are toxic to your pursuits.  If they do not compliment and believe in you then don’t spend your time with them.

15. Get out and meet new people.  Have a genuine desire to get to know those you already know, as well as new people.  Learn what their perspective is on life, what drives them, what they love to do, and what goals they have, without any judgment or bias.

16. Review your life.  When is the last time you asked where you are in life?  How are my goals going?  Start doing this on a weekly basis.  Sit down and determine how things are and how to make things better.  If something you have been doing for the week doesn’t truly excite you then perhaps its time to stop doing it.

17. Take care of yourself.  One of the biggest sources of frustration I have found is having a cluttered life.  This seems to carry over into a messy room, desk, car, front room, etc.  Start now and clean up a single area, even if its just the computer.  Get rid of things you haven’t used in a long time, clean up all the extra papers sitting around, you’ll feel better afterward.

18. Read a book.  Sometimes the best way to let go of your life is to read a fiction book, fantasy, science fiction, or other genre.  Just make sure that it doesn’t become a crutch you start using to avoid facing life’s challenges.

19. Do what you love.  There’s no better way to improve your prosperity than to spend time doing things you truly love to do.  These are the things that you enjoy the entire process of, not just the end result.  If it makes you feel free then its something you probably love doing.

20. Take breaks.  Its OK to take time out for yourself.  If you are constantly living your life taking care of and meeting the needs of others, how are yours getting met?  Well, schedule time at least once a week that is your personal time, one hour at least.

Thanks for stopping by and checking this article out.  If you have anything to add, or comment on leave them below.  Remember, you ARE worthy to live the life you desire!

 About the Author

Joneric Bohman strives to bring thought provoking articles to help change your life.  To read more of his work, visit JonericBohman.com.


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