Halloween Costumes for Dogs? Yes!

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The days are moving ahead quickly and before you know it, Halloween will be here. It’s a lot of fun looking for the perfect costumes for everyone in your family and especially for your dog.

Your pet loves to be included in all the fun things the family does. You can find the perfect costume for him to dress up in to take part in all the activities.

how to dress your dog for halloween

Holy Hound Costume

There are costumes that you get for dogs that can make him look like one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

You can dress him up like insects such as a beautiful butterfly or as Santa Claus. But the most popular costume this year is a little more heavenly minded. The California Costume Collections Holy Hound Dog Costume will make your pet look like the special gift to your family that he is.

This costume will stand out as an original and garner plenty of laughs, comments, and prizes. The body of the costume is long white dress piece that fits comfortably over your dog.

The front paws slide easily into the two leg openings. The back of the dress costume leaves the rear legs of the dog free. The vest part of the costume is red and slides over the head.

This piece is decorated with a large, golden cross that looks like it’s hanging down from a necklace chain. Draped around the shoulders of the dog is the neck piece of the costume.

This piece is a strip of red material that’s trimmed in gold edging on both sides of it. The designs on this piece are outlines of dog feet. These feet are done in thin gold. The hat of the costume is sure to draw plenty of attention.

This is a miter headpiece of white material. It’s trimmed in gold around the edges as well as in the center. It’s decorated with fine gold designs. In the center of the headpiece is a thick gold cross like the one on the dog’s neckpiece.

In keeping with the heavenly realm, there are other types of holy costumes that you can get for your pet. One of these is the Angel Dog Costume by Rubie’s Costume Co. This costume is a sleeveless white dress that’s decorated with sequins.

The skirt of the dress is sheer and fits all the way to the bottom of the dog. There are leg holes for the dog on the upper piece of the costume. There are sturdy wings that fasten to the back of the costume.

A halo comes with this set and features a headband that sits securely on the dog’s head. The halo stands straight above the head with the thin wiring. This costume is best suited for dogs that are of medium build.

Lady Is a Tramp Dog Costume

The costume that will earn not only laughs but rave compliments as well is the Lady Is a Tramp Dog Costume.

This costume is a short little leopard skin print dress in golden brown. The front of this costume makes people do a double take. It features the scoop neckline of the dress complete with peach skin cleavage.

The breasts of the costume come already stuffed with material to make them full. The costume also comes with dark brown furry covers so that when your dog wears them, it looks like she’s wearing a pair of fur boots.

There is a wild dark black wig that’s also part of the costume. This wig has long strands on the sides and is styled so that it’s piled high on the top. It does fasten beneath your dog’s chin with a strap so that it’ll stay on all night long.

There are other costumes that will continue to rake in the laughs such as the Pup-A-Razzi Silver Screen Starlet Dog Costume. This costume crosses funny with star appeal that will make it the top prize winner in costume contests.

It can be worn by small as well as large dogs as long as the large dogs don’t have a neck size that’s over 20 inches. The costume is a long, white dress and it has a rounded collar.

There is peach colored cleavage on the front of the costume. When it’s worn with the platinum blonde wig, it causes everyone who sees it to do a double take and think they’ve seen a doggie Marilyn Monroe.

The costume is easy to slip on and slip off. The wig comes with ear holes so the piece will fit snugly into place on your dog’s head. Don’t forget to take lots of photos of your dog wearing this laugh out loud costume.

If you’re looking for a more classic costume for your dog, there’s the Rubies Costume Halloween Classics Collection Pet Costume. This one is a medium size costume that’s made like the classic 50s wear.

It features the pink flared skirt with the black poodle decoration that was so popular with people for that time in history. The shirt part of the dress is a black and white striped piece. The costume comes with a pink bow headband.

Star Wars Bantha Costume for Dogs

There are plenty of costumes that you can get for your dog that will be sure to have everyone laughing and talking about how cute he is. Some of these options include costumes that feature peg-leg pirates, police officer or firefighter costumes and even jailbird costumes.

But the most popular costume for dogs this year that everyone wants is the Star Wars Bantha Costume for Dogs. If you and other members of your family went as characters from the movie franchise, you’d have the perfect family costume set that could include your pet.

This costume is more suitable for a dog that’s about medium sized. Though it’s available for larger dogs, the sizing does tend to run a little small. The costume is designed to look like the body of a Bantha.

The top piece travels down the length of your dog’s body and fastens beneath the underside of the dog. The hood of the costume matches the torso part. This hood fastens around the dog’s chin and on either side of it are the large, curved horns like the Banthas have.

These horns are tan in color and have stripes all around. There is a Tusken Raider figure that comes with this costume. This piece is situated on top of the torso part of the costume so that it looks like the Raider is sitting on a saddle.

It even has its feet in stirrups. This figure is dressed in the light tan tunic with the dark brown lines across the chest piece. The face of the figure looks just like the Tusken Raiders from the movie.

The hands of the figure are holding reins that attach to the back of the Bantha piece. The saddle portion of the costume has a bag along with a saddle roll on the rear of it. There are other dog costumes that you can get to dress your pet up like Star Wars characters.

One of these is the Star Wars Wookie costume. The Rubies Costume Star Wars Collection Pet Costume features a jacket for your dog that fits around his neck and is made to look like the Wookie body.

The headpiece has the cute little furry ears and this piece fastens under the dog’s chin. The sizing on this costume tends to run large. You can also find Halloween costumes to dress your dog up as a Storm Trooper or as Yoda. Princess Leia costumes for dogs are available as well.

Lion Mane Costume for Dogs

There are plenty of costumes that you can buy that can turn your four-footed friend into a small, medium or large dinosaur. There are even costumes you can get for your pet that feature human characters such as pirates from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

But the most popular costume this year is the Lion Mane Costume for Dogs. This costume will have your friends and family laughing out loud and will bring a smile to all who see your dog wearing it.

The costume is easy to slip on and off your dog for his comfort and even larger size dogs can wear it. Before Halloween arrives, if your dog isn’t used to wearing anything on his head, you’ll want to take a few days and get him to wear it for a short length of time.

This way, he’ll be adjusted to the presence of the mane by Halloween. The mane is the same wide, bushy brown as a lion’s mane. When it’s worn by large dogs, especially dogs with light colored fur like golden retrievers, from a distance, the dog will fool people into thinking they’ve seen a small lion.

This mane is adjustable so even if you don’t have a large dog, the costume will still be the perfect fit. The costume fits because it has a drawstring closure. All you have to do is tighten or loosen the drawstring as needed.

This is a top quality costume made of polyester and fur fibers. If you’ve already used this popular idea for Halloween, you do have other choices. There is the Animal Planet PET20104 Triceratops Dog Costume, which is too cute.

This costume features the head of the horned dinosaur. The skin part of the costume has a brown background and is designed to look just like the skin of a dinosaur.

It has the two long horns on either side and the short horn in the middle of the headpiece. A velcro strap at the bottom of the headpiece is how the costume remains in place.

Another dinosaur costume that you can get for your pet is the Animal Planet PET20109 Raptor Dog Costume. This one will turn your dog into the cutest predator on the planet.

The costume consists of the foam headpiece and body. The head of the costume has the reptilian eyes and white teeth that rest on your dog’s forehead. The front feet of the costume extend outward and will sway as your dog walks.

The costume slips on over your dog’s head and there are two places for your dogs front paws. The back paws are left free.


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