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Y’all know that I would not normally post twice in one day…but this is important! I recently learned that Dr. Lissa Rankin, who is an OBGYN, an artist, a teacher and the founder of one of my favorite websites, Owning Pink, is auditioning to be the host of her own talk show on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network.

In case you don’t know, Owning Pink is a website that is all about finding one’s mojo–becoming the person you want to be. There are interactive communities and inspirational and motivational material far and wide, all written by Dr. Lissa and her team of The site’s mission statement says, in part:

“We at Owning Pink are committed to inviting you to explore your truth, knowing you are loved, safe, and nurtured.  We believe that true healing and ultimate joy come from loving and nurturing both ourselves and others as whole beings. When we OWN all the disparate parts of ourselves, we tap into the divine spark within us, allowing us to release limiting fears and enjoy our lives more fully.  In community, once we are in touch with our own divinity, shedding our masks, revealing our authentic selves, and being accepted just as we are, we don rose-colored glasses and see others with magical eyes, gazing beyond each other’s masks to SEE their unique and special humanity. SEEing each other like this shines a light on the beautiful, radiant heart that lies within each of us, which heals us all.) (Read the full mission statement at Owning Pink.)

If you’ve read anything on In Pursuit of Fulfillment, you know that this goes right along with my whole message. I absolutely love this site, and after watching Dr. Lissa’s audition tape, I know that I’ll love the show too. Check it out and vote if you agree!

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One Response to Help Bring ‘Owning Pink’ to Your House (And Mine!)

  1. Wow, Angela! Lissa's audition is outstanding. I just had to click the "Vote" button for her. I think she's got a really good shot at this. Thanks for introducing all your readers to Owning Pink! That's one list I definitely want to be on. 🙂

    Really appreciate your comment on my blog today. The 30-day challenge rocks!


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