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What the Narcissist’s New Supply Thinks of You – Could you be friends with the narcissist’s new supply? Does the new supply think you’re crazy? Should you tell the new supply about the narcissist?

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6 Responses to Here’s what your narcissist’s new supply thinks of YOU

  1. My ex-husband’s fiancé is not his new supply anymore. They now have a relationship for 8 years and in between 7 months or so, she did not want to see him anymore because she thought that they lived like two old people together. My ex was in the process then of going to hospitals for his prostate cancer. She is the same age like me born in 1957, and I am a couple of months older than her. Over the last couple of years we met in person and had contact on Facebook. And I discovered a pattern in her behavior. First I thought that I could have contact with her talking about daily things but then she started digging in my past with my ex and of course it was all my fault. Months ago I saw her last at my ex’s house which is in walking distance from where I live. She lives up North here in the Netherlands. And we had some Port Wine together which she drinks 2 glasses of every night before going to sleep despite all her medication. Later I realized that even though she knows that I have Diabetes 2, I was not responsible about my diet and drank actually too much: 1 1/3 glass. Later she told me in the chatbox that I was so nice to laugh with etc.. And what hurt me every time were here words in the chatbox that I am an old woman that nobody wants on the job market anymore. True but I am still doing a little voluntary work, because I suffer from Chronic Fatigue and Pain (Fibromyalgia) for many years now. I find it disrespectful. 2 years before she ended up in the hospital I blocked her on Facebook because she called me “crazy in the head” since I did not celebrate Christmas with my daughter and her boyfriend. My daughter told me then that he wanted to visit his mother in the South of the Netherlands. I could go on and on…what I noticed months ago was this pattern from her and to approach me late in the evening or before going to bed and sometimes I set my boundary and sometimes not because I feel lonely and chatted and ended up going angry to bed because she has no respect/empathy for my chronic pain etc.. Everything I said, she immediately drew the attention on her again, telling me that she almost died twice, first after her marriage with her ex and father from their 3 sons, ended and then 2 years ago. I can’t compete this. She also had the nerve telling me in the chatbox that Fibromyalgia was found in her blood and she normally does not talk about it. Then she had two take 2 or so radiation pills for her throat and she told me this a couple of times in the chat, that she could not sleep with my ex then and he would have to take care of her Chihuahua during that time. Then when I asked around that time, how it went, she made me feel stupid by asking me: girl, what are you talking about? Like she never mentioned it. II see in her a pathological narcissistic woman and my ex is a cerebral one.

    • I had make a new friend and brought her to church. She met my narc friend and they started hanging out which after that, the new friend started to treat me aloof. When I moved on from the narc friend, I did not have any more contact with the new friend because I didn’t know how affected by the narc and she was now too close to her.

  2. Sorry for some typing mistakes! Please keep reading on…normally my English is good. I blame it on my Fibromyalgia Fog…

  3. Hmm. No. I don’t know who she is. Just he’d kept her as potential for 35 years. I had no idea about this “old friend” until he went off on a 3 week holiday with her !
    I can see how he works but not for the life of me, understand how women in his Harem hang around waiting to be picked up again.
    He thought that we “might get back together” when he returned from holiday. Whaaat ? NO WAY !!!
    But other exes will be there for him, emotionally, sexually. Brilliant manipulation or just rather sad, needy people who will accept crumbs from him when he feels like it ?
    Anyway. Two Hoover attempts so far.
    No way , Sunshine. NC

  4. Hi Angie,

    I binged watch you when I first found out about narc’s behavior. Was in total shock of my narc Pastor husband. The trick of his behavior is that he was married for 35 years, and his wife died. (Cancer) I now know what the real cause. She was emotionally tormented. I never heard him say anything directly damning about her. He talk our out of chemo, talking about healing. He preached her funeral with no emotion! He fooled me good. We were married a short time after her death. He filed for divorce 8 months after our wedding. Total shock! I had no Idea abut narcissism. My friend, who is a psychiatrist told me to look up narcissm. I was in the process of planning this grandiose surprise party for him, as he was planning my divorce. I was in total shock. by the time he tried to hoover two weeks later, I had watch bindges watch every video, I could lay eyes and ears on. It hurt like hell to say no, but I stuck to my guns. I still hurt for trusting him. I totally opened my untrusting self to him. But he was a covert Jim Jones. (WE ARE DIVORCED…YES)
    My question of the Day>>>>>>:)

    Is there any statistics of the life span of a SPOUSE that chooses to live with a sick person.

    They got married 17 & 19 years old. I thought that….Oh yea! Pastor, who know how to treat a woman…BOY WAS I WRONG…

  5. Thank you for this Angela. It was really lovely and so very true.

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