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QueenBeeing and BlissFire Media are proud to announce a new partnership with holistic healer, Agatha Repice. She is licensed and certified in massage and bodywork therapy and board certified by AADP in Nutritional Consultation. Holistic Healing Expert Agatha Repice

Agatha has owned and operated Clean Clear Body since 2006. She’s also a board-certified nutritional consultant and has her New Jersey state license in massage and bodywork therapy, as well as acupressure and cupping. 

Agatha’s Story: What Led Me to Holistic Healing

Agatha RepiceMy journey began with the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Epstein Bar) and Candida.

I sought help from medical doctors. Western medicine successfully diagnosed my pain but failed to treat my suffering. Prescription after prescription did not ease my pain but in fact created intestinal sickness.

I was told that the sickness was “all in my head.”

I was suffering both physically and spiritually.

As hope began to diminish I decided to re-evaluate my way of living and to take responsibility for my own healing.

I realized I needed to find answers outside the traditions of Western Medicine. And so I began my search. I found my miracle in Whole Foods, Chinese Medicine and Energy Healing.

I have been medication-free since the year 2000.

Please note: If you are on medications, I do not presume to replace Western Medicine – I work in conjunction with Western Medicine to help accomplish a more complete and fulfilling Body Mind Wellness.

Please join me in this journey toward a Balanced Wellness.

Love Light and Laughter,

Agatha Repice

Read about the Clean Clear Body approach.

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