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A wise man shall overrule his stars, and have a greater influence upon his own content than all the constellations and planets of the firmament.  ~Jeremy Taylor

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I tend to gravitate towards ready my horoscope on a daily basis when I am struggling with something in life.

On average I read my horoscope once a week. However, each year I read my yearly horoscope and my Chinese horoscope. I’ve been caught looking at compatibility between signs when dating someone or before I got married. But how much faith do we really put in what we read?

When I read that tragedy would strike my life in 2014 and then my husband died January I thought twice about horoscopes. I wanted to bad to believe in something, anything at that point in my life. I read every horoscope at that time. EVERYTHING! I dove into trusting that my horoscope was truly telling me something every time I read it. Was I right?

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I’m no longer a believer. I do still read my horoscope. I do still look at my card readings. However, I know that they are only there to give me good information about being a more positive person and keeping my head on straight. That even though the horoscope doesn’t apply to me on that day or that week I know that the information I received from reading it will help me another time. Is that the horoscope gods telling me something? Maybe. Probably not.

I tried believing. But when I got more untruths than truths I turned in the towel and had to be reasonable. What are your thoughts on horoscopes? Do you really believe?


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