Hot Married Sex? Yes! Use THIS Stupid-Simple Way to Get It

Written by Angela Atkinson

Let’s talk about sex, baby.

Now I don’t want you to get all upset when I tell you this stupid-simple secret about how to have super-hot married sex, but it’s possible that you’ve been wasting your whole married life up to this point by NOT using this easy way to make your sex life explode. 

sexyI hope you’re sitting down, because you’re either going to wanna do the whole *bangs head on desk* thing or you’re going to fall over when you hear how easy this could go. Find out how to be a hot wife, right here. 

Ready? Here’s the BIG SECRET.

If you want to have great sex, you’ve got to be prepared to talk about it. 

What, your hubby isn’t into sharing his deepest, darkest, dirtiest fantasies? So what? You can teach him how to do it. 

Don’t worry – I’ll teach you first. Ready? 

First you’ve got to know this: Discussing sex with your husband is an art form that any woman can master, if she wants to do it. 

Most of us can think of a time when we had a discussion about sex that just didn’t go well. The fact is that men are big fat babies about some things, and one of those things is sex. (Don’t be mad – us women have our own limitations, and we know this, man!)

Men are sensitive about sex – for real. 

That’s why when you talk about sex to your husband, it would serve you well to do so carefully. 

But seriously, men are sort of sensitive about sex. Because men feel emotional connection through their wives most effectively when they’re in a healthy sexual relationship with them, it’s important to understand how that works and what you can say to screw it up. 

Keep it sweet and casual – focus on what he does right and tell him what turns you on as he does it. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you want in bed; when he feels like you’re comfortable, he’s more likely to open up as well. 

His Manhood

You probably already know that you should never insult his “manhood,” though despite popular belief, a flacid penis is, on average, only three inches long. (No kidding, look it up! Shocked me too!)

What you may not know is that men are highly likely to take any form of rejection from their wives very seriously, so when they think they’re going to be rejected sexually, they may just not even ask. And then, they may be cranky or distant and you may just find yourself wondering why. 

What do you think? Is communication the secret to awesome married sex? Can you do it? 

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