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Even though no contact is really the only way to resolve a toxic relationship, going no contact isn’t always possible in the immediate future. Angie Atkinson explains how to make a narcissist be nice to you as often as possible, and how to talk to a narcissist to make life easier. Dealing with a narcissist is never easy – but in this video, you will learn exactly what to do to make narcissists treat you better.

If you’re wondering how to deal with a narcissist boyfriend, how to deal with a narcissist boss, how to deal with a narcissist mother? All of these tips will work – regardless of the relationship you have with a narcissist.

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2 Responses to How To Deal With A Narcissist When You Can’t Go No Contact

  1. To discover why a majority of my romantic relationships were with narcissists and psychopaths, I have studied this and other Cluster B personalities for many years. Intense, scholarly research, current analysis and experts, doctors, scientists, psychologists. Yet, no one quite puts it together like Angie Atkinson. OMG! I love you. You are an Angel! The clarity Angie provides to some of the most bizarre and egregious behaviors, and the light she sheds on the dark underpinnings behind the narcissists are profound.

  2. Thank you for this video, Angie! The info was very helpful with what we are going through right now. A year ago we(my youngest daughter, my 4 yo grandson, and myself) moved in with my then bf of 2 years, due to me losing my job… I always knew he had some narcissistic tendencies, but there is much truth to the saying that you never really know someone until you live with them! Not even one week in, the verbal rages and the mental abuse was so bad, it caused me to start having flashbacks of my Dad. That’s when I found your channel on YouTube, and if it weren’t for you and Richard, God knows where I would be mentally right now. I can’t believe that we’re STILL HERE living in his house! I have been a nurse for almost 28 years, and for the very first time, I am having a really hard time finding the employment I need to support my family. I’ve even tried to get us into domestic violence shelters, but there are so many families facing physical violence, that takes precedence over the mental and verbal abuse. I pray constantly that I can get us out while there’s still some of ME left! I swear, once we’re out, no contact will be effortless!! God Bless you and the whole Spanily for the wisdom, and support that you all provide❤️

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