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‘How to Do No Contact Like a Boss’ With No Contact Boss Kim Saeed with Angie Atkinson on the no contact rule – expert relationship advice for people dealing with NPD in their relationships.

  • Get Kim’s Book, How To Do No Contact Like A Boss!: The Essential Guide to Detaching from Pathological Love & Reclaiming Your Life right here:
  • Get my book on No Contact, here:

Other resources mentioned in the video:

No-Contact Resources from Angie Atkinson

1. Join SPAN at

2. Go to and download your free no-contact calendar. The calendar is filled with activities to keep you on track during the early days of no-contact.

3. Start focusing on your passion. Not sure what that is, exactly? Visit and download your free Passion Finder.

4. There’s an online course at Life Makeover Academy you can take to revamp your social life. https://lifemakeoveracademy.teachable…

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