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So, you’ve found yourself under fire again, the victim of yet another apparent smear campaign – courtesy of a toxic narcissist, of course. The everyday average person can’t imagine what it’s like to experience a smear campaign at the hands of someone they love – and that’s because, in general, people who love you would never consider such behavior.

But narcissists are different – they are far more likely to engage in manipulative behavior – and for one simple reason: they will do literally anything to get what they want – and that includes maliciously lying or spreading rumors or exaggerations about you.

In this video, I’m going to explain to you exactly what you can do to quickly and effectively stop the narcissist’s smear campaign – and make the narcissist expose him or herself. The narcissist and the holiday smear campaign – how to make the narcissist expose him/herself

3 Ways to Squash the Narcissist’s Holiday Smear Campaign, Plus My Real Advice for Moving On

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One Response to How to Expose the Narcissist’s Holiday Smear Campaign

  1. It is best to limit contact if possible or no contact. Only those really close to a narcissist know what they are. Narcissists are so good at fooling others that are not in their life day to day. The problem with them I still have, even though I have no contact is with my son. His father, the narcissist, uses him to try to get back at me. Like taking him away on holidays, mothers day, xmas, etc. I figured, this would end as my son got older, but the narcissist uses his money to control my son, and thus get back at me. I have told my son this, and he knows, and understands, but until he is finished with college and on his own feet I still have to deal with it. My x is a multi millionaire so it isn’t easy to deal with. I cant compete with that. I am a scientist and I make just enough money to get by. Anyway, I do hope in the future things change for my son and I.

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