Why I Love It Works! Products

I’ve never been one to jump on a bandwagon, especially one that sounds scammy or too good to be true.

So when my friend and stylist, Lisa, first told me about It Works! products, I refused to try them. I mean, seriously…a wrap…that causes you to lose inches in minutes? She had to be kidding.

Still, Lisa talked to me about the products several times over the next few months, mostly just telling me how much she personally loved them.

But I was all, “Whatever!”

She told me that the It Works! body wraps would literally take off inches in 45 minutes. I told her that was too good to be true.

She told me that the Greens helped her feel energized and healthy. I told her I didn’t like to drink weird stuff that probably tasted terrible.

She told me her skin looked 5 years younger (at least) after her first facial wrap–and she even told me how I could get the products for almost half off.

I told her I wasn’t interested.

But one day, when I was at the salon for a particularly time-intensive series of services, she finally convinced me to try it.

“Just one wrap,” she said. “If you don’t love it, I promise, I’ll never ask you again.”

I paid her an extra few bucks for the wrap that day. When I lost 3 inches that first day, I raised an eyebrow and wondered if this could really be legit.

But my stylist told me to wait before I decided anything.

Latest Progress 2262013“Three days,” she said. “The lotion continues to work for three days–that’s when you’ll see the final results.”

I nodded and was on my way, sort of humoring her, I thought.

Three days later, I signed up to be a Loyal Customer, and a few months after that, a distributor.

These days, my personal autoship includes body wraps, facial wraps, defining gel, Fat Fighters and Ultimate Thermofit.

I also get the Greens and It’s Vital each month. I am considering a few other products as well.

I signed up to be a distributor because I believe in these products.

You can learn how to be an It Works Distributor right here, if you’re interested.

I use these products myself, every single day, and I have never looked or felt better. In fact, along with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, I’ve lost more than 100 pounds. This is me.

Forget what it did for my body--look what It Works did for my FACE! I'd call this an Ultimate Makeover. Click the photo to see how you can do it too!

Forget what it did for my body–look what It Works did for my FACE! I’d call this an Ultimate Makeover. Click the photo to see how you can do it too!

Not only have I lost the weight (and I’m continuing to tone up and slim down!), but my acne problem is gone (even those monthly pimples are nearly extinct–and they heal so much faster now).

Plus, I feel better, my skin looks younger and my head is clearer. And recently, when I had pneumonia that didn’t respond to antibiotics, I realized I’d stopped taking my It’s Vital and Greens (due to taking a large number of pharmaceuticals from my doctor).

have u tried that crazy wrap thing yetWhile I hadn’t felt any better in more than 10 days, I doubled up on my It Works! It’s Vital and the Greens, and literally the very next morning, I woke up feeling a little better.

I felt better every day after that until I was well. I guess it could’ve been a coincidence, but I really believe these products helped to heal me from pneumonia.

And while I’m no scientist, I am a journalist who knows how to research–and research tells me this stuff works partially due to the high number of superfoods included within.

As for the wraps, I honestly cannot tell you exactly how they work or even why–but I can tell you that they absolutely do.

After having three babies over ten years and three c-sections, my belly is smooth and nearly stretch-mark free.

I can honestly tell you that It Works! is partially to thank for that.

One more thing before I wrap it up here (pun intended, of course).

Ladies, this one’s for you. And men, this is where you get off the train.

I don’t know about you, but after nursing three babies, my breasts were looking a little rough. But one day, I got this crazy idea to try a wrap on my breasts–I just put it on and put on a well-fitting bra that I didn’t mind getting a little messy. (You could also use Saran Wrap to keep your bra clean.)

After the first wrap, I saw immediate resultls. After four, my breasts looked LITERALLY 10 years younger. (And girls, they pointed in the same direction again!)

So yep. I love this stuff, and I will always use it, as long as this company exists.

I blog about my weight loss journey and experiences (as well as a bunch of other personal development stuff) here at ProjectBlissful.com.

Got questions about It Works? Want to learn more about the products, or need help picking out the right products for yourself? Send me an email at [email protected] with “It Works Questions” in the subject line. You can also find me on Twitter at @angieatkinson.

P.S. Here’s a glance through my first 100 pounds!

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