How to Make a Spiritual Awakening Happen

Written by Angela Atkinson

Because there are so many different types of cravings for a spiritual awakening, your path to it might not look exactly like what someone else experiences. But the key is to do what works for you and remain true to yourself.

You can’t force a spiritual awakening. It’s something that comes to you. However, the universe is aware of those who are seeking a connection. The key of the matter actually resides within your heart.

If your desire and purpose for wanting an awakening is so that you can be a better person and make the world around you a better place, you’re more likely to have an awakening than someone who is looking for enlightenment for selfish reasons.

To get ready for an awakening, you need to look inside yourself. An awakening can’t happen if you have a lot of emotional clutter and things that you’re holding onto.

A vessel that’s already full has no room for anything more. So before you can have a spiritual awakening, get rid of your emotional clutter. How you do that is going to be based on what methods you use.

Some people will go see a therapist to talk through old wounds that have lingered and have created a well of negative feelings such as bitterness. You can’t be open to new things when there’s a whole lot of old junk hanging around.

Other people will practice healing at home through means such as yoga. Others will turn to self-help books and tools. Whatever you choose to use, only you will know if you’re ready to have an awakening.

You’ll know because you’ll be free of whatever it was that has caused you anxiety, fear and turmoil. Once you do that, you’ll be open for an awakening. When you believe that you’re ready, make sure that you understand what an awakening really is.

Some people believe that once they have an awakening, it means that they’ll go through life without ever experiencing any heartache – that they’ll never feel stress or pain of any kind.

That’s not what a spiritual awakening is. It doesn’t take away problems and give you a life that’s perfect. What an awakening will do is make you more in tune with what’s going on so that you experience acceptance and peace.

It’s this acceptance that helps you once you’ve had a spiritual awakening because you won’t go through life with the “world is out to get me” attitude. Instead, you’ll be able to put things into perspective.

You’ll understand that bad things happen because it’s simply the world you live in. But what an awakening helps with is that it leads you to make a difference when you do experience personal suffering or you see that someone else is.

There are spiritual teachers who can help guide you toward a spiritual awakening. Many of these mentors can show you how to focus, how to develop a deeper level of consciousness and how to channel your energy.

What Can Go Wrong with a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is something that begins to happen to you, not really something that you can just decide that you want. But once you do feel the stirrings for one, then you can take steps to get there.

As with any good thing, there is always a potential downside. Whenever you grow as a person, there will be others who simply won’t. They liked you better the way that you were before – so you might experience some jealousy as well as someone trying to sabotage your journey.

You may lose the support of others and may even end up having your motives challenged or ridiculed. Some people who elect to choose a spiritual teacher to guide them through a spiritual awakening don’t really take the time to check out this mentor because they’re so excited about what’s happening to them.

As a result of that, you can get involved with someone who might not have your best interests at heart. There can be some spiritual teachers who claim to lead others into a spiritual awakening, but at best their methods are questionable – at worst, they’re cult-like.

Always thoroughly check out a mentor and talk to others who may have used that person’s services. When you feel that you’re craving a spiritual awakening, one thing that can go wrong is that you can want it so badly that you end up trying to rush it.

You push yourself, trying to reach new levels of consciousness when you’re not truly ready for this life changing event yet. When you attempt to rush through a spiritual awakening, it doesn’t work.

You’ll end up feeling frustrated and stressed. Remember that a spiritual awakening isn’t something that must take place overnight. It can be a short journey or a long one.

Another thing that can go wrong is you’re not kind to yourself through the journey. When you are awakened, it lets you see yourself more clearly than you ever have before.

As a result of this, it can make you see things that you might not like about yourself. But instead of beating yourself up and wallowing in guilt, you have to let it go and be kind to yourself.

This is why a spiritual awakening needs you to be free from thoughts that can fill you with negative emotions. Something else that can go wrong is that you play the comparison game.

You look at your life, then you compare it to someone else who has had a spiritual awakening. You might feel that they have more enlightenment so you feel inferior – or you beat yourself up that it took you so long to get there.

You need to understand that it’s not a race and comparing yourself can only cloud your ability to enjoy sincere enlightenment. Trust that your process won’t be like anyone else’s.

You might want a spiritual awakening and when it happens, you discover that going through it is harder than you thought – so you must be doing something wrong.

Just trust in the changes. You’re only feeling that way because you’re being shaken out of your comfort zone. Keep in mind that a spiritual awakening brings light, but that light exposes things that can limit your ability to fully experience it.

As a result of that, you’ll discover that the change brings out some pretty tough things such as the kind of pain you might have spent your life trying to avoid. This type of pain can be emotional pain – but sometimes, you might feel pain within your body.

When you experience this, you might believe that you’re on the wrong path so you shut down. But as light expands within you, it’s only making room for enlightenment.

You have to let go of any assumptions about what you think an awakening is and just actually allow yourself to feel through it. That’s going to bring out things that you might not really want to face.

Sometimes these will be things that you didn’t want to deal with in preparation for a spiritual awakening because you thought they might be too hard to confront. But during the process, the enlightenment will deal with them.

Just recognize that the pain won’t last forever. Because of the emotional side of an awakening, sometimes, you can feel physically drained or even sick. It might even lead you toward feelings of deep sadness.

This is all a normal part of the process as you let go of anything that’s holding you back. Be as open as possible to the concept of changing the core of who you are.

Resisting it is natural and normal, but you’ll need to stay fully aware of what’s happening and how and why you’re fighting the awakening so that you can remove those obstacles and find the new life that’s waiting for you.

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