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Stuck in Divorce Limbo with a Narcissist? Here’s how to deal. This video uses a clip from a recent live stream with Dana Morningstar in which a viewer asks how to deal with a divorce that has taken three years so far (and which has no end in sight). Included: child custody issues and financial concerns. PLUS: A podcast from Angie Atkinson on how to deal with divorce and being discarded by a narcissist.

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2 Responses to How to Survive a Long, Hard Divorce

  1. Document everything! When it comes time to see the narcissist in court, you will think you’re in the twilight zone but you can refer back to your documentation for clarity and yes, they will lie in court and documentation will come to your rescue. Its hard to lie about bank statements and charge card records in court when the paperwork is in front of the judge. And be ready for them to pull out all the stops right before court dates to shake you up. I have fallen to that tactic a few times. Be careful about how you address your lawyer, tell them the truth but they are not your counselor and bill in 6 min increments. Be sure that the lawyer you pick will put your case and demands forward not just use the legal formula of the firm which is designed to get your money not your case won. Shiny cards, cool side programs and hip language will not get you what you need for the rest of your life. Older women especially, you know the ones who were sucker punched or like you said in the video led on with threats of divorce for years so you will ‘try harder to please them’ after 30+yrs and left for a female their kids age, have a whole different set of needs in separation and divorce and need to find all the places the narc hid or spent marital assets. I called Narcles the Porn Clown, not my name saw it on a fb post but it fits so well, the Dread Pirate Roberts of Divorce. You better enjoy your marriage today because I will probably divorce you tomorrow. So many years of the pick me dance and he cheated the whole time.

    Be aware that the narc will figure out how to play the system to run up your legal bill so you won’t have protection and get legal fees paid for by the narc.

    Just a few of the things I have learned so far.

  2. This is so pertainant to my life right now. In the middle of a drawn out divorce, for no reason.
    Married only 3 years (second marriange for each), separated 1.5 years. We kept our assets separate, shared expenses 50 /50, have no kids together, and no marital assets. Came very close to us signing a post nup, but did not happen.
    Ive requested many times for an uncontested divorce, but no, she wants to drag us through the court system.For reasons unknown.

    I supplied my discovery documents timely. She has refused to submit hers. She feels she is above the law. More legal wrangling.

    $12,000 in legal bills later, the only ones to win will be the lawyers.

    Please. I just want this marriage to end and move on. Im in emotional purgatory.

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