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Do you ever wonder why someone gets more attention than you do? Do you compare yourself to other people in terms of weight, height, or looks in general? The fact is, you may be your own worst enemy and your actions may as well be a banner you are waving at every person you meet.

Consider some of the people you know whom you consider to be attractive. Maybe when you first met them you were blown away by their looks, but as you got to know them, you started to focus on how big their nose was or how their eyes didn’t line up exactly. This happens when we get to know people better and are able to see flaws that were easily disguised before.

The point isn’t to nitpick flaws, because we all have them. The point is that we advertise how we feel about ourselves to others. Those who are very confident are also very attractive, even if they have the same features as someone who isn’t confident. That confidence shines through and gets the attention of other people. This means that two people with the exact same features can get opposing responses when they are with others. What kind of a response do your actions elicit?

Step One on the Road to Self-Confidence

To begin with, you have to decide on the type of reaction you want from people. Let’s assume that you want to be approachable, but don’t want to invite negative attention. You need to dress in an attractive manner and use body language that says you are a confident person. Let’s be honest here; most of us don’t get “dressed up” every day. We should to some extent though because if you pick and choose when you are going to dress so that you feel your most attractive, it isn’t a genuine feeling when you do dress nice because part of you is anxious, as if you were wearing someone else’s skin. If need be, try going above and beyond one or two days a week so it isn’t a big deal to you or anyone else.

Every day, repeat the mantra “I am beautiful and deserving of all the best that life has to offer”. Look in the mirror as you do this. It may be harder than you think and some days you may feel like it’s a lie. It’s not a lie and the point is to get you to a level where you believe what you are saying. You will notice that as you give yourself more attention, other people will as well.

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