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I was absolutely shocked yesterday to learn that Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson had both passed away. While Farrah’s Charlie’s Angels days were a little before my time, I still admired her, both as an icon and as a woman.

Besides the fabulous hair, Farrah was a real person who was not only every teenage boy’s fantasy, but who every girl wished she could be.

She became an advocate for women over the years and later shocked the world by posing in Playboy at the age of 50. (You go girl!)

Even at the end, she wanted to help others–allowing a very intimate video of herself dealing with her disease to be run on television–in order to help people understand what cancer is really about.

An amazing woman who will be missed by many.

But Michael Jackson…he was something else for me. I remember being madly in love with him between the ages of six and eleven. He was so popular among kids (even in my white-bread hometown) that our third grade teacher allowed us to hang a poster of Michael in our classroom, where it remained in a place of honor for the entire school year.

I remember the first moonwalk, and asking my mom to buy me every tape/record that Michael ever made–even the ones she had listened to as a tween and teen. I remember dancing to and singing every word to every song on the Thriller album with my friends, and even wearing a way cheaper version of the “glove.”

I also remember that my Barbies frequently snubbed Ken to date the much more exotic Michael Jackson doll…

MJ was an amazing performer and a true artist. I think that maybe his life in the spotlight (from toddlerhood, really) is what caused his oddness in the last couple of decades–and who of us can judge him? We haven’t walked in his shoes.

But, when all of the questions began to surround Michael about his involvement with children, I have to admit that I stopped thinking about/listening to anything having to do with him. Not because I know that the allegations are true–but because I don’t know. So, I decided, I’d keep the positive memories I had and ignore the rest.

And, I believe I’ll stick with that version of him even now. This is the Michael I knew and loved, the performer, the artist, the man.


Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson.

Rest in Peace, Farrah Fawcett.

Thanks to both of you for years of entertainment, music and inspiration for millions of people. We will always remember.

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8 Responses to In Memory of Two Icons: Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

  1. It's been a heartbreaking day! I still choose to mourn the artist and not the sad soul he became.

  2. I was shocking for thos news!


  3. Well said Angela. Cheers to MJ and Farrah…

  4. I totally feel the same way about MJ! I wasn't really into Farrah, but her death was tragic, all the same.

  5. I think mj was a great person, his life kinda reminds me of elvis's life. Its sad to see him go but I think at least he wont suffer anymore.
    great blog by the way.
    if you get a chance I have a blog too at check it out it's definately and easy read.

  6. Nice. I'm reading you, Angela. Good morning.

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  8. Wow, I think to make memories of these two icons is very good even if we didn't give to them in life, is good to remember them with a great event.

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