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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Families travel over the river and through the woods to visit extended family and friends. It’s a time to be together, to eat turkey, to be grateful.

So often, as adults, we get lost in the chaos. We forget that Thanksgiving is a day for…well, giving thanks. We get so caught up in the cooking, the running, the stress of it all, that we just wish the day away.

I remember being a child and looking forward to Thanksgiving, starting the day after Halloween. I couldn’t wait to spend the day with my extended family and to observe all of our traditions. I couldn’t wait to have some of Grandma’s famous stuffing or some of Mom’s apple pie. (And the pumpkin pie baked just for us by Mrs. Smith. She always left them in the freezer for some reason…)

What about you? When you were a kid, did the holidays seem more fun? Do you find that the season has lost its appeal for you, that it’s all too hectic?

My challenge for you today is small. Take a step back from your “adult” self for just a moment, and close your eyes. Try to remember exactly how it felt to celebrate the holidays when you were a child. What did you look forward to? What were the traditions that “made it officially Thanksgiving” for you?

Okay, the challenge isn’t THAT small, because here’s part two. Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, before you step foot on the floor, remember that feeling. Push aside any negativity and focus on those wonderful feelings. Really FEEL them, feel GOOD.

Then, on Friday as you brave the Black Friday crowds (or hide out in your PJs), take a moment to reflect. I’ll bet you’ll find that your Thanksgiving was better than it’s been in years!

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7 Responses to Indulge Your Inner Child on Thanksgiving

  1. That is a good reminder. I will give it a try and hopefully make things even better for tomorrow.
    Thank You!

  2. On a recent post I talked about regaining the joy of holidays. I cannot say how grateful I feel. Now let’s eat!

  3. That’s some really great advice. I think my Thanksgiving will be happier. In turn, I hope you have a great holiday:-)

  4. Ah, bliss. Watching the Macy’s Day Parade with my mom. The colors, and things fantastic. Family.

  5. As a child, I remember watching the parade on T.V. while my parents were busy in the kitchen. Come to think of it, I haven’t seem the parade in years. Your wonderful post brought back plenty of memories.
    I’ll be watching the parade in the morning with the kiddos!! 🙂
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m so thankful and grateful for our friendship.

    Much Love,
    Roxanne – Believe Achieve

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Angie!

  7. Hi Angie. Just wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving Day. Don’t get too full. Many blessing!

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