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Big news! We have recently released a brand-new special collection of inexpensive, inspiring jewelry pieces specifically for survivors of narcissistic abuse. The QueenBeeing Bee Inspired Jewelry Collection has been hand-selected for you by Angie Atkinson. This collection is regularly updated and specially curated for the SPANily.

These are the same pieces that Angie and her team give away a few times a month in the SPAN group. Angie wishes she could afford to give one to every member of the SPANily and she hopes to one day be able to, but until then, she offers this collection at the request of several SPANily members.

All proceeds go to support the QueenBeeing mission to help educate, comfort, support and connect victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse and to help them heal and become the best possible versions of themselves. Have jewelry or artwork you’d like to see featured in this collection? Contact our business manager, Melina, at to arrange to have Angie take a look at your ideas.

Check out the collection, right here!

Go see the collection!
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