Jessica Simpson fooled us all: Why she’s actually brilliant

Written by Angela Atkinson

If you ask me, Jessica Simpson gets a bad rap. Whether we’re discussing her weight, criticizing her mom jeans (or showing off the latest bag or shoes we’ve sheepishly purchased from her collection because we couldn’t help ourselves, it was just too cute to pass up), we can’t seem to shut up about this woman.

She’s done everything from recording albums, movies, television (scripted and reality), fashion design and probably several other Hollywood type gigs, all while looking relatively fabulous and raising kids.

Yeah, yeah. What about that whole chicken of the sea thing, or whatever other random comment caused the world to see this woman as a dumb blonde?

Go ahead and judge her. And then take a hard look at yourself. Are you really so much better than this hard-working mom? 

Even if you believe you’re better than other people and you feel that you’ve got the right to judge her (or anyone for that matter), know this: that woman is far more intelligent than most people give her credit for -and she’s smart enough to know when she’s being underestimated (and to use it to her advantage).

No matter what your opinion of Ms. Simpson, it’s hard to deny that she’s successful and that she’s worth paying attention to once in awhile. And by the looks of it, she’s come full circle.

The past two years have been full of bliss for Jessica Simpson. Not only did she marry the love of her life, Eric Johnson, she also welcomed two beautiful children – Maxwell and Ace.

During a recent interview with Glamour magazine, Simpson opened up about marriage and motherhood, and how she has learned to build her self-confidence and love herself.

Since the birth of her first child Maxwell in 2012, Jessica has struggled with her weight and body image, and became a Weight Watchers spokeswoman to help shed the pounds and motivate other women who were struggling.

“Today, I feel truly comfortable in my own skin. Better exercise habits, food choices, and lifestyle changes have contributed to this, but ultimately, my confidence comes from my state of mind,” she explained.

“Every step Ive taken up until this point has taught me something,” she added. “Every decision Ive made has brought me here. When I reflect on my life, my beliefs, and my experiences, I gain a perspective that connects me more deeply to myself, my friends, and my family.”

Simpson also credits her hubby Eric, whom she recently married in July, for supporting her through all her sizes, and helping her gain her self-confidence back. “Eric has seen me at every size, and he loves me no matter what. When I got pregnant with Ace four months after having Maxwell, I was nervous about starting over again. I had come so far in learning how to balance my career, family life, and hormones, and starting over again felt overwhelming,” she explained.

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