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You might think that because I blog about personal development that I must have it all figured out. And, in some ways, I do “get” it, most of the time. Sure, everyone has more to learn, and I learn new things every single day.

In theory, I understand what I need to do to be the person I want to be. This is good.

But theory and the application of it are two completely different things. The knowledge and understanding of how to have the life I want is occasionally overshadowed by my innate humanness.

In fact, this humanness is part of the reason I write this blog. It started as an effort to figure out my own life, in a way. As a writer, I tend to put ‘pen to paper’ (or fingers to keyboard) to figure out how to deal with any issues that crop up in my life. I can’t tell you how many times I have used this method to successfully manifest positive change in my life. I’ve been journaling and/or “writing it out” since I could hold a pencil, literally.

When I started this blog, it was more of a personal journal–a place for me to work out my own issues. Of course it developed a life of its own after awhile, and I found myself on a mission.

Once I realized the blog was helping other people, I started writing for them–sharing my own understanding of the world and the people around me. Generally, these posts are inspired by events that transpire in my own life, so I’m still getting my “free blog therapy,” which makes it a win/win situation, from what I can tell.

And, as I kept writing, I found that readers could relate–I got comments, emails, Facebook posts and tweets about how much my message was helping people–all of which, of course, drove me to write more. Who doesn’t love helping people? It feels good. And when something feels good–you know you’re on the right path.

So, this brings me to the point of today’s post. I am considering writing a book that would be along the same lines of the theme of this blog. However, since I cover such a wide variety of topics here, I am looking for a more specific topic area.

Now it’s your turn to help me, dear readers. I’d like to pick your brains. In a good way.  😉

I would like to know what topics are of interest to you–what would you like to know more about in regard to personal development? About pursuing your fulfillment, your dreams, your desires? The Law of Attraction? Self confidence? Something else?

Please leave me a comment here, email me at, tweet me @AngieAtkinson or share your ideas with me on Facebook, and let me know your thoughts! Thanks in advance for your help!

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3 Responses to Let Me Pick Your Brain for a Minute

  1. How about a book on "Social Media and 'me'–you"?
    That way you can discuss topics just like you did in this article with reference to yourself and readers.
    Of course, if this seems like a workable title, any acknowledgement would be appreciated!
    So late, and we are still writing! Goodnight and good luck!

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  3. I think the best things you should go through is your personal experiences with all these concepts and ideas… there exist a lot of skeptics regarding the law of attraction, self-beliefs and self improvement!

    Love, Kelvin from
    manifesting abundance

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