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Just a quick heads-up! There is currently a CRAZY special holiday offer at Life Makeover Academy that you won’t want to miss. The offer ends Monday – but starting today and going through Monday, you’ll get an insane discount on EVERYTHING at LMA. Here are the details:

The Life Makeover Academy experience connects you to a global network of people and resources who are interested in, working toward and helpful with changing your life and creating the life you really want. Students and teachers come from around the world.

That means that just by taking a single Life Makeover Academy course, you will meet and collaborate with people you might never otherwise know. When you choose the all-access pass, you get access to each and every paid and free course at the Academy, including upcoming new courses which are released at least every 30 days.
Plus, you’ll get access to our private Life Makeover Academy discussion groups on Facebook and to our online library full of resources and healing tools you can download and use to heal yourself after a toxic relationship.

Please note: this sale goes through Monday only and YES, it does include future courses! This is a SPANily only discount. 


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