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By Angela Atkinson

As a writer, I also happen to be a pretty avid reader. As a blogger and someone who’s got a vested interest in personal development, pursuing my own fulfillment and just generally feeling awesome, I read my fair share of inspiring blog posts. And, as someone who loves to pay it forward, I thought I’d share some of my favorite feel-good posts that I read this week with you in the hope that they might brighten your day as much as they did mine.

The Key to Happiness and Success Boils Down to Attitude

Chuck Gallozzi over at has a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to changing your attitude. In this post, he offers sage advice on how to change your attitude, and even tells you why it matters so much. Don’t miss it.

How to Find Your Life Purpose (When You’ve Mislaid It)

Goodlife Zen blogger Mary Jaksch shares her own story of how she went from mayhem to magic. It’s inspiring and definitely worth a read.

75 Reminders for Tough Times

Bloggers Mark and Angel offer 75 must-have tips for getting through the tough times. The pair says that these tips will help motivate you when you need it most. I think they’re right. Do you agree?

Do One Thing Well

Leo Babauta, the blogger behind Zen Habit, offers a simple answer to one of life’s biggest questions: how can you make a living doing something you’re passionate about? It all starts with doing just one thing really well. He might just be on to something there, don’t you think?

121 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Life

This post is right up my alley. Henri over at Wake Up Cloud has provided literally 121 different tips for how to improve your life, be happier and be more fulfilled. I have covered nearly all of them at one point or another here at In Pursuit of Fulfillment, but how cool is it that Henri took the time to compile such an extensive list for his readers? All in one place? You’ve gotta see it. It’s pretty dang impressive.

So how about you? What were some of the most inspiring blog posts or feel good articles you read around the blogosphere this week? Maybe you even wrote one? Share the links and your thoughts in the comments!


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