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Sometimes when I pick up my one year old daughter, Sophie, she hugs me and pats me on the shoulder. It makes me feel like The Most Amazing and Important Person in the World, seriously.

Finding joy in our every day lives is so important to our personal fulfillment. Sometimes it feels hard to find any joy at all, but when we slow down long enough to “smell the roses” or coffee, or whatever we need to smell to feel happiness, we find little bits of it all around us.

Parents know what I’m talking about. For example, when my oldest son told me at three years old that he “loved our home,” I felt like I’d hung the moon. When my middle child learned to say “cookie” before he was a year old, I couldn’t contain my excitement. And now, at ages eleven and five, they give me little bits of joy every day.

But if you don’t have kids, or if the kids are driving you crazy that day, you can find joy elsewhere. Try doing something nice for someone else. It could be something small, like letting someone in front of you in line at the grocery store–especially if you have more items than they. Seems small, but any good deed makes you feel good about yourself.

If nothing seems to be going your way, try changing your perception. For example, awhile back I found myself grumbling about the tangle of medicines in my pantry. I had cough medicine, allergy medicine,Tylenol, and Motrin, many in three different forms (adult, kid, and baby). Then, it occurred to me that this little bit of annoying clutter was actually a blessing. Some families aren’t as lucky as we are and don’t have medicines available to them to treat what ails them.

You see, by changing our perception, we can change our minds. And by changing our minds, my friends, we can change our lives.

So today, I challenge you to do just that. When something feels upsetting or stressful to you today, take a moment to try to change your perception. Find the silver lining in your cloud. I’ll bet you go to bed feeling just a little better!

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7 Responses to Little Bits of Joy

  1. Beautiful!! One of our cherished Life mottos is “Change your mind to change your life.” It surely is about perspective. Everything is a blessing, even if you don’t see it right away. All good comes out of challenges and obstacles. Give it awhile, and soon you’ll see how grateful you are for the experience.

    The smallest things are what brings the greatest joy. Right now, I hear our son talking to himself in his room. I think he snuck some toys to bed. LOL It is the cutest thing to hear him pretend play. Also, today, our daughter Mia, had so much fun during bathtime that she soaked everything including Mommy!! LOL Being a parent is the ultimate gift!!

    Thank you again for another wonderful post!!

    Many Blessings….
    Roxanne and Hugo
    ~ Believe Achieve ~

  2. Very, very well written. You are absolutely right. Sometimes after a hard day all I need to cheer me up is a hug from my son. My highlight the other day was my three year old told me “mommy, I love you, thats why you are my best friend.” That was the last thing I ever expected to hear from him, he doesnt communicate how he feels very well. But it definatly made my day. Then he called me a bucket head but I guess you cant have everything. But still you said it very well, good job Angie

  3. I always look forward to anything you’ve written…beautiful…and beautiful Sophie 🙂
    Merry SITsmas

  4. Living day to day and enjoying the little things that life gives us are things that I try to remember. Thank you for the reminder.The dog gets an extra hug today and GF is getting chicken soup delivered to her tonight cuz she’s sick. I am grateful that I can do these small things.

  5. That’s right. Feelings are not really that important. We are created with feelings and emotions but we should never dwell on those feelings and emotions. The right thing to do is to “change your mind” then comes the “change of heart”.

  6. Hi,

    Your point 'by changing our perception, we can change our minds & thence change our lives' is a reaffirmation of the validity of the beautiful truth which you lace in very well here. It reminds me of the 90/10 principle by Steven Covey, which I'm sure many know all too well now. Here is a link to s plain article on this for those who may not yet know for some reason: . External influences affect all of us, universally. The difference is how we react to them. Good post.

    Take Care. Have a great day.

  7. Very inspiring:-)

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