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blissful30daysWelcome to day one of the Look Good Naked 30 Day Fitness Challenge. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, this challenge is shorter and more intense than our Love Yourself Challenge, so we’re going to jump right in here.

Look Better Naked 30 Day Fitness Challenge: First Things First

1.  If you haven’t already, sign up for the challenge right here. (It’s free.) Then, you’ll be added to the private Facebook group where challenge members can communicate amongst themselves, plus get/give support. Signing up also means you’ll have an opportunity to win prizes at the end of the challenge and you’ll receive the special freebies that only challenge members receive. Once you’re added to the challenge group, add a comment to introduce yourself and share your goals (suggestions outlined below).

2. Start by setting a goal for yourself to accomplish during the next 30 days, whether it’s a weight goal, a measurement goal or a visual goal. (I’ll be working on looking better in my bikini this summer, personally!)

3.  Take your “before” picture, and if you’re comfortable with it, post it to the group. (Note: This group is a “secret” group, meaning that unless you’re a member, you can’t see the group or its members/content–so you can expect a certain level of privacy.) Still, keep the photos clean–wear clothing or a swimsuit in your photo, no nudity, please.  Post comments, answer questions and add progress photos as often as you like to the group page. Be sure to support your fellow challengers–we’re all in this together!

4. Choose your workout plan. I suggest at least 30 minutes per day, six days per week to include cardio and strength training. I won’t define your workout plan since everyone’s fitness levels may be different, but I will share my own workout plans as well as offering suggestions for those who might struggle or need ideas.

5. Keep an eye on your in-box for daily tips, ideas, suggestions and occasional freebies that will be sent to Look Good Naked 30 Day Fitness Challengers only. (Here’s that signup link again!) You’ll also receive regular Fit Missions and Bliss Missions (optional, but helpful!).

Ready? Let’s go! Are you ready to look better naked? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and be sure to hit those “share” buttons to invite your friends or family to join the challenge with you. Workout buddies are always helpful too.

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