Look Better Naked 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Welcome to the Project Blissful Look Better Naked 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

blissful30daysAs opposed to the Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge, this one’s a little different in several ways.

1. Rather than committing to two months, you’ll only have to commit to one.

2. While we’ll always consider your whole self in this challenge, it’ll be a little more workout-focused. So, rather than asking you to move your body for 15 minutes per day, I’ll be asking you (and myself) to do 30 to 60 minutes of intentional exercise each day. We are, after all, trying to look better naked. Or at least in a bikini. ;)

3. Those who choose to join the Look Better Naked 30-Day Challenge will get free access to a support group made up of myself and other participants. This forum will provide additional support and information to help the participants get and stay motivated, allowing a higher chance for success.

4. Participants who feel comfortable doing so can submit before and after photos (tasteful with no nudity, please!). Those who do will have a chance to win prizes of unspeakable value at the close of the challenge. No faces required, if you’re worried about the exposure, but if you love support, praise and encouragement, you might as well send ‘em in whole!

5. Members who signed up for the Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge will be automatically added to the Look Better Naked 30-Day Fitness Challenge. They may also opt out, if they choose to do so.

So this is it. Are you ready? Let’s go! Sign up right here–it’s free.

The challenge is on. Are you in? 

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