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We love to study the science behind human attraction around here. That’s why we’re always paying attention and asking questions. Today, I’m sharing something that answers the question every woman wants to be answered, but few are afraid to really ask.

And many women have a different idea of what men consider hot. That is why I asked my focus group of about 150 people what they think makes a woman hot. Just as some similarities in perceptions showed through, there were some very marked differences between men and women on what they think makes women hot.

What Men Say Makes a Woman Hot

Christophe: “Everyone has their own list of things that make another person hot (physically attractive), so my answer is that she has my list of things (=hot) plus a sense of humor that complements my own (=super hot!). I’m at a point in my life that if I can’t laugh with you, I can’t fuck you. Fun is where it’s at, and fun in the sack makes the sack even better. The best sex you’ll ever have is when you’re also laughing your ass off.”

Tyler: “What I think makes a woman hot is teasing. A sensual massage with kissing and rubbing by getting close but not touching, just teasing.”

Dennis: “I think it’s the combination of several things. I am not talking about the obvious standard you see in the media. I know this is going to sound sappy but it is honest. For me, it’s the right smile, confidence mixed with a little vulnerability, friendliness, compassion and a light in her eyes. Truly it’s unique to each woman. There has to be beauty. Not looks but beauty. My grandmother always told me that good looking is what you are, but beauty is who you are. I liked that then and it still holds true today. Now I may lose my man card for that answer, but it how I feel.”

Joe H.: The inside story of her. You have to read the book to understand the person. Can’t judge book by its cover.

Joe M.:  “As a sapiosexual oriented person, the answer is obvious.”

JaVon: “A great sense of humor is hot to me, not just listening but telling a good joke.”

What Women Say Makes a Woman Hot

Brittania: “In my opinion, everything can make a woman hot. The way her touch feels and down to the heat of her legs against your own. Just eyeing a woman from a distance can be enough. The curves from her body and the way she moves when she walks.”Rita: It’s personal power expressed through sexuality that is exuded because the person feels sexy.

Carol: “That she accepts and loves herself.”

Ashley: “For me: a woman who is confident, who enjoys life, doesn’t get wrapped up in the small things, can take care of herself, who is independent. A woman who knows what she wants and how she’s going to get it. To me, that is a very hot woman..if she has red hair that’s a plus.”

Items of Note 

When it comes down to it, there’s no single woman that everyone on the planet would find perfectly hot.

That’s good news because we are each unique. And being the only you that exists is one of the most beautiful parts of life.

Still, if you want to be the best possible version of your sexy self, there are some basic things you can do to improve yourself that will make for a better life for you and everyone you love.

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