The Miracle Formula: 7 Easy Steps to a DIY Miracle

Written by Angela Atkinson

“Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible.” ~ Mao Zedong

How to Manifest Your Own MiracleWould you believe me if I told you that you have the power to change your world? What if I said that you could choose literally every aspect of your life, at least as far as you believe you could?

Would you believe me if I told you that you can manifest your very own miracles?

Now, it’s obviously not possible to guarantee a miracle, but there are some really specific and somewhat measurable actions that make miracles much more likely.

That’s right! You can help bring miracles into your life with your own abilities.

Don’t believe me? Come on, it’s time to change your life. That means you’ve got to start by changing your MIND! Be open to every possibility. Miracles happen every day. Let today be your day for a miracle!

Wanna know how to make one happen for you? Let’s start here.

The 7-Step Miracle Formula

Follow this process to begin manifesting your own miracles.

1. Be clear regarding your intentions. Do you know precisely what you want to happen? It’s not enough to hope for a financial windfall. Give your miracle specificity and a timeline.

  • Vagueness might result in your miracle occurring, but who wants a five-cent windfall? That’s exactly what you might get if you fail to specify a dollar amount. Regardless of the type of miracle you seek, be specific!
  • If you don’t want to limit yourself with a specific intention, you can always put “or better” or “or more” at the end of your intention, like “…$10,000 or better this year, lose 10 pounds or more this month, get this particular promotion or better.”

2. Rid yourself of disbelief. Disbelief will keep miracles away. When you believe something is possible, you become more capable. Would you take action if you were certain you would fail? If you can visualize success without getting a queasy feeling in your stomach, you’re in a much better position to be on the receiving end of a miracle.

  • Each morning and evening, imagine your desired miracle occurring. Relax and stay with the image until you feel comfortable. Imagine that you’re a bystander just watching the scene. Slowly put yourself fully into the scene while remaining comfortable and relaxed.

3. Forget about “how” your miracle will happen. Be open to any process that allows your miracle to occur. If you’re in need of money, avoid limiting yourself to finding a bag of money on the street or winning the lottery. Avoid specifying how your miracle will occur. Just allow it to happen.

4. Relax and pay attention. If you’re hoping for the man of your dreams to come into your life, it’s unlikely that he’s going to knock on your door and present himself, though he might. Instead, you will be presented with opportunities to meet the man of your dreams.

  • Keep your eyes open for any signs or opportunities. Accept that party invitation or finally decide to join that yoga class you’ve been considering for the last six months. Join the dating site highlighted in the email that shows up in your inbox each week.
  • The raw materials you need to make your miracle happen are all around you. Are you paying attention adequately?

5. Always expect the best. It’s not enough to believe that something wonderful might happen. It’s necessary to expect it to happen. Start each day with the expectation that today is the day. Keep your head up and something great will happen soon enough.

6. Be patient. Most days won’t be the day your miracle occurs – but then again, that all depends on how you look at it. Tiny miracles are all around us – take the time to notice them and watch how fast your bigger miracles can happen! Maintain hope and be confident that your big miracle is on the way. Great things take time. Be patient.

7. Take responsibility. Are you doing all you can? Miracles tend to happen when you’re holding up your end of the bargain. For example, you have a better chance of landing a dream job if you’re applying for jobs each day. Avoid relying only on luck for your miracle to happen.

Remember that you’ve already accomplished many amazing things in your life. Be clear regarding your expectations and be confident that your miracle will happen. Keep your mind open while you live your life expectantly. Miracles happen every day, and they can happen to you.

What do you think? Are you ready to start creating miracles? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.

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