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I joined Weight Watchers Jan 21 2010 since then I’ve lost over 125lbs. I know not everyone will have the same results, but I do want to be an inspirations for others out there to know you can lose weight.
I sadly lost my friend back in Sept 2009, he was 24 and died of a stroke. He was over weight, had diabetes and other health issues. His doctor told him he needed to make a change and he tried and then stopped and tried again. Sadly his life ended early and I lost a friend, but gained the motivation and determination that I NEVER EVER want to die at a young age and having being over weight as part oft he reason. I have been going strong knowing my friend is on my side somewhere out there watching over me as I keep losing this weight. I hope to inspire you to lose as well!

music: Five For Fighting – 100 Years

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