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“There’s so many different ways to cheat. People think infidelity is the way to cheat. I think it’s sometimes far worse to emotionally cheat on somebody.” ~Sandra Bullock

Let me ask you something: Would You Date A Married Man?

would you date a married manAccording to a report from FoxNews,  something like 70 percent of married men have supposedly admitted to cheating on their wives – and in another study, two-thirds of the wives NEVER KNEW about the affairs. Shocked? So was I. 

So, who’s dating these married guys? Are you?

It’s Shocking!

This question is all over social media.

Would You Date A Married Man?

My qMarried... with Childrenuestion to those who would or who have: How can you date a married man?

Seriously, isn’t he already dating his WIFE? The woman he married? The (maybe) mother of his kid(s)?

What kind of woman DOES that? 

Most people might agree and some might disagree, but when you are married,you take something called VOWS.

Okay? And with those VOWS you promise for better or worse, for richer or poorer, through sickness and in health. To love and to cherish, til death do us part.

So maybe we don’t say specifically “to not date other women,” but there’s something in there about being faithful to one another in mind and body.

Come on, people! One of the most leading cause of divorce today is infidelity.

Why do men cheat? A 2005 study found that married men cheat on their wives for surprising reasons:

  • Dissatisfaction or “general unhappiness” is NOT correlated with marriage infidelity.
  • Sexual dissatisfaction IS. The higher your husband is satisfied sexually, the lesser he is likely to cheat on you.
  • Lower self esteem and personal issues are likely to encourage infidelity.

You can cheat-proof your marriage. Learn How to Be a Hot Wife.

In my opinion, you can’t date a man that should already be dating his WIFE. Live with that. 

What do YOU think?

That’s my two cents. Share yours in the comments section, below. 



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2 Responses to My Two Cents: Would You Date A Married Man?

  1. Yeah, I’d totally date a married guy – but only MY married guy. 🙂

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