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Have you ever noticed how, if you’ve found yourself in one toxic relationship with a narcissist, you often find yourself in another (or more) at some point in your life?

Why you keep falling for nacissists

Why does this happen? Have you ever asked yourself questions like these?

  • Why do I keep getting into relationships with narcissists?
  • What is it about me that makes me attractive to a narcissist, anyway?
  • Or what about narcissists that attracts me every time?

I know I have. How about you?

So why do we keep finding ourselves in these kinds of relationships and what can we do to avoid this in the future?

Three Reasons You Might Be an Ideal Source of ‘Narc Bait’

I have a few theories. Let’s start here.

You’re an Empath or HSP

One of them is that those of us who tend to attract narcissists tend to be empaths and other “HSPs”- highly sensitive people – who are wired to sense and react to the emotions of others. To a narcissist, an empath can be like crack – it’s that whole “vampire/fairy” factor.

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You’re Trying to Fix Your Broken Childhood

Another theory is that we’re working on fixing our own “issues” from childhood or earlier in our lives.

“We choose our partners because they represent the unfinished business from our childhood. They manifest the qualities we wish we had. In doing so, choosing such a challenging partner, and working to give them what they need, we chart a course for our own growth.”

I heard this quote in an episode of Modern Family that I happened to catch a few weeks ago and it really stuck in my head – it really made me think – isn’t it possible that one reason we find ourselves attracting narcissists is because, each time we deal with one, we never really HEAL afterward? And subconsciously, we’re trying to solve the unfinished business from our childhoods? I think yes.

You Avoid Confrontation Like the Plague

A narcissist has a way of testing people early on in the relationship, and if you are one who will be willing to “work through anything,” or you get upset but ultimately let them have their way, a narcissist knows he’s struck gold. So if you’re the sort of person who tends to be a “people pleaser,” or to be often described as “too nice,” watch out – you’re exactly what a narc looks for in a person.

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So, now let me ask you – what other traits would you add to this list? What else might make you a sort of “narcissist bait” kind of personality? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.




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