Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching Program

Clear the Slate and Get Your Feet on Solid Ground: Stop Spinning Your Wheels

A 6-Week Personalized Program to Help You Find Center and Start Living Again After Narcissistic Abuse in a Toxic Relationship
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Is this program for you?

Are you dealing with narcissistic abuse in a toxic relationship, or have you dealt with it in the past? If so, you might be a candidate for this program.

As you’re going through this recovery and growth process of recognizing and getting through narcissistic abuse, or of getting over a narcissistic relationship (not to mention the mental damage done by it), you might start to feel like you’re not quite connected like you should be – or like you want to be.

Do you ever feel like there’s a sort of barrier or bubble around you that prevents you from actually experiencing life? Or maybe you can’t quite “feel” the world around you? Or, is it kind of like you’re looking at people through a fog or screen, or maybe like you just have no emotions at all?

If you’re feeling scattered, forgetting things, and generally dissociating from yourself and your life as you work to heal from the abuse you endured during your narcissistic relationship, you’re not alone.

In fact, you might also be feeling a variety of PTSD-related symptoms as you go through this process, and that’s because you’ve been through an emotional hell, or you may still be going through it.

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Wondering How Our Coaching Works?

Each of the narcissistic abuse recovery coaches is both a certified life coach and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. Use this button to find out exactly what you can expect when you schedule a session.

Find Your Program

Which narcissistic abuse recovery program is right for you? offers a variety of narcissistic abuse recovery programs. Use this self-assessment quiz to find the one(s) that will best fit your needs, your budget, and that will be best for you personally.

Meet Our Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaches

Our team of certified life coaches is here to serve you, during, and after your narcissistic abuse recovery. Our coaches and counselors are trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive and are trained in dissociative disorder coaching, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), CBT coaching (cognitive behavior therapy coaching), and more. We also have a legal expert on our team who can assist you with divorce and other legal issues faced by narcissistic abuse survivors. 

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Please note: If you need a SAME DAY session: Click here to send an email to our team and they will help you get set up.  There is a $25 additional charge for same-day sessions and you will need to schedule with the narcissistic abuse recovery coach who is on call that day.

What’s Next? Once you’ve scheduled your appointment and made your payment, check your email for a receipt and confirmation. Note that appointments are made in your own time zone, and your coach will call you for your appointment within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. If you need to reschedule, you can do so via our automated system or contact your coach directly.

What Our Clients Say

“You are NOT crazy. If you want to get a handle on what’s been happening to you, here is an excellent resource. Angie and the QueenBeeing staff have quite a lot to offer. Recovery is hard, no doubt about it, but it can sometimes be fun!”
Robin Watton

Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse

“I love the way she explains about narcissists. She’s very entertaining and very knowledgeable. She has helped me realize what is happening in my marriage.”

Sherry S.

Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

“Thanks for taking my call on devalue day one. If it wasn’t for that help/support that day I wouldn’t be here today.”

Joe S.

Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

“She is so insightful, helpful, hopeful – and knows from personal experience how to deal with these creatures.”

Lajuana W.

Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

Not Everyone “Gets It”

Many narcissistic abuse survivors tell us that while therapy has helped them in certain ways, they weren’t able to heal until they used our narcissistic abuse recovery coaching and counseling services. That’s because, while there are some psychotherapists who are also narcissistic abuse survivors and who can be effective in helping with treatment, many therapists haven’t had the personal experience and therefore don’t really “get” what you’ve been through. If you do prefer a therapist to a narcissistic abuse recovery coach or counselor, be sure you ask the right questions and find the right provider for narcissistic abuse recovery therapy near you. 

What is Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic abuse involves subtle manipulation, pervasive control tactics, gaslighting, and emotional and psychological abuse.  Many abusers might be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder – if they actually go to a psychologist for diagnosis, but this rarely happens as narcissists don’t feel that there’s anything with them. They may be overtly narcissistic, or they may be more of a covert narcissist. In either case, anyone in a close relationship with one of these toxic people will be used as a form of narcissistic supply and not treated like an actual person. Sadly, even the most intelligent and educated people can be manipulated and abused by a narcissist.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching

What You Get Out of It

Through Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching, You Will:

  • Be heard and supported by someone who has been there.
  • Have your narcissistic abuse experience validated.
  • Identify your own triggers and learn personalized coping techniques.
  • Learn how to process and move beyond the grief you feel at the end of a toxic relationship with a narcissist.
  • Learn to understand your abuser and their narcissistic personality disorder.
  • Learn to interpret and label their manipulative behaviors and tactics.
  • Learn to recognize how narcissistic abuse is a pattern.
  • Learn to recognize and understand how codependency plays a part in your toxic relationship with a narcissist.
  • Understand the subtleties of narcissistic abuse in a way that allows you to connect your emotions to a logical understanding of what happened to you.
  • Recognize the symptoms of C-PTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Learn coping tactics and heal yourself of C-PTSD and other side-effects of the traumatic relationship you’ve experienced.
  • Learn to define yourself as you let go of the self-image planted in your head by the narcissist.
  • Learn to establish and stand behind healthy boundaries.
  • Learn to practice self-care, self-advocacy, and self-love.
  • Learn to identify warning signs of narcissistic abuse in your relationships.
  • Develop a deeper sense of emotional intelligence and connection.
  • Learn how to undo the damage done by your abuser.

Weekly Self-Discovery and Personal Development Missions

  • Week One: Jumpstart Guide to Your Brand New Life
  • Week Two: Personal Baggage Inventory Tool: Figuring Out What You Can Leave at the “Station”
  • Week Three: Coping Tactics & Tools
  • Week Four: Tools for Development: Mantras for Moving Forward
  • Week Five: Anchoring Yourself: Your Personal Sign of Self-Actualization
  • Week Six: Your Passion Plan Building Kit

Weekly Self-Discovery and Personal Development Missions

  • Week One: Jumpstart Guide to Your Brand New Life
  • Week Two: Personal Baggage Inventory Tool: Figuring Out What You Can Leave at the “Station”
  • Week Three: Coping Tactics & Tools
  • Week Four: Tools for Development: Mantras for Moving Forward
  • Week Five: Anchoring Yourself: Your Personal Sign of Self-Actualization
  • Week Six: Your Passion Plan Building Kit

Plus: Tools to Help You Move Forward and Reclaim Your Life

Weekly Reminders, Checklists, and Related Reading Materials

Daily Affirmations and Reflections sent to your inbox during the 6-week program.

 Access to my “secret” support group on Facebook and more!

Are you interested in joining me for this healing journey?

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Are you dealing with a toxic narcissist?

Could you use some help learning how to deal with him or her? Or maybe going “no contact” is a better option for you? 

Most everyone can relate to the idea that life can get better on some level, but most of our clients have one major thing in common: they are dealing with or have recently escaped from a toxic relationship with a narcissist or sociopath – and that’s what our mission is all about.

Your life can get better, with or without the narcissist in it. Our programs are designed to help you find and execute the best solutions for your own life – whether that means managing your relationship with the narcissist differently or going entirely no contact.*

Why Our Coaching Methods Work to Help You

Each of the QueenBeeing Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaches has personally survived and escaped from narcissistic relationships in her own life. Our own personal experience combined with professional training offers us unique insight into toxic relationships.

Our work focuses on solutions that work in your life. We offer convenient and affordable coaching that lends to your own movement toward whole-life healing, growth, and improvement, all from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can decide how personal you want to get – from telephone, text, or messenger coaching to email coaching – and we even offer lower-cost group coaching, as well as many free options for peer group support.

Are you tired of just existing? Do you want to start living? Then it’s time!

Start changing your life today by signing up for our free daily newsletter – we’ll never ask you to pay for it, and we won’t share your email address with anyone.

If you want to create real and lasting change in any area of your life, you need to start with yourself first. It all begins and ends with you.

When you choose to invest in narcissistic abuse recovery coaching, you choose yourself. You choose to step forward and tell the world that you’re worth it–that you deserve to have the life you want.

Are you ready to take the first steps toward becoming the person you want to be? Are you ready to start building the life you deserve? Let’s talk!

*Certain situations, such as co-parenting, prevent you from being able to go entirely no contact – and that’s where coaching can help you learn to deal with these people as effectively as possible (and without falling into the typical gaslighting and manipulation traps that narcissists are known to set). 

Regardless of your age, sex, race, weight, nationality or financial situation, trying to be in ANY kind of relationship with a narcissist is both painful and soul-crushing. But there’s good news – you can begin to affect change throughout your whole life by taking some very simple steps. A hint? It all starts in your head–and your heart.


Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support at QueenBeeeing

The SPANily Official Group

Support for People Affected by Narcissistic Abuse in Toxic Relationships – A free, private Facebook support group that is professionally moderated by an amazing team of admins and the QueenBeeing coaching staff.


Divorce Support

Divorce Support – Offers Support for Divorcing a Narcissist, Before, During and After. There is no greater emotional pain that can be inflicted on someone than divorce, whether you initiate it or your narcissistic partner does. 


SPAN Book Club

SPAN Book Club – Get your intellectual stimulation and share camaraderie over a shared hobby, while alleviating the typical loneliness and isolation suffered by survivors of narcissistic abuse from the comfort of your home.


Boldly Evolving Empaths

Boldly Evolving Empaths (QueenBeeing BEEs) – For those survivors who are ready to thrive and who have passed the discovery and understanding phases and are ready to push forward into the next phase in their lives.


Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

 SPANily Support for Co-Parenting with a Narcissist – If you’re co-parenting with a narcissist, this is the group for you. A parenting-focused narcissistic abuse recovery support group by Angie Atkinson and


Adult Children of Narcissists

Support for Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents – If one or both of your parents were narcissists, chances are, you’re struggling more than you may realize. Get support from people who have been there.


Small Group Coaching

New Group Coaching Program – Several weekly session times available for small group coaching. All levels of recovery served. Learn more and sign up for sessions here. Program director, Certified Life Coach Lise Colucci.

The SPANily Home

The SPANily Home –’s OFF-FACBOOK private narcissistic abuse recovery and resource center. Closely monitored and managed by our team of certified narcissistic abuse recovery coaches. Pricing starts at $3.99 per month.

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