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SPAN is an acronym for Support for People Affected by Narcissism (in relationships). It’s an online support group I host for victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse – in an easy-to-access and convenient (yet private) forum – hosted on Facebook.

Given the volatile nature of narcissists, the SPAN group on Facebook is a private group – so no one can see what you post there except other members – and it won’t show up in your public or friends’ newsfeeds.

If you’d like to join the group, please join here and you’ll be added within 48 hours. 

In this video, I’ll tell you a little more about the group – and I’ll share the members’ rights and responsibilities. 

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One Response to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery: A Free Online Support Group for Survivors

  1. I live in Mexico City. I was a victim of covert narcissistic abuse for 7 years. I ended up the nightmare with my ex narc on Dec 2017. He keeps texting. Aprox. every 20 days since then. Yesterday he texted this: Hi, how are u? Can I call u? I said yes. So he called. Told him I´m doing great, at all levels. Since I had no emotional reaction at all, he ended saying: I´m glad. just wanted to know how u re doing. Is this also hoovering? My gray rock attitude has helped me in 2 ways: to confirm that I am cured since I have no feelings for him at all. And second: I can tell, for the tone of his voice/ texts, that he can not stand my current peace and happiness but mostly, I can tell he is very frustrated for not being able to manipulate me anymore. I can tell you that my gray rock attitude has been my very best revenge. Would you send me your comments on this? I truly appreciate all your videos. Thanks

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