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So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it to you yet, but I recently added a new feature to my YouTube channel – a daily personal vlog. Anyway, on “VlogShow #2,” one of my amazing subscribers left me a question that I felt needed its own video. 

Carlos said:
“You’re very creative. Were you always that way, or did it develop or grow after you got toxic people out of your life? I’m just finding out my creativity was stunted by toxic people as a kid and feeling pretty devastated.”

I’m answering his question in this video, where I also share a bit of my own story and give him encouragement for his own personal growth.

Dysfunctional families, especially those with narcissists involved, are well-known for their talent-and-creativity-destroying ways – and I’ll fill you in on the whys, right here. 

After you watch the video, take a moment and tell me what you think – have you experienced a stifling of creativity in response or as a direct result of narcissistic abuse? Share your thoughts and experiences with me in the comments below. Let’s discuss it. 

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