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Narcissistic abuse recovery is a complicated process, and it helps to have a therapist or counselor who understands exactly how it feels to be where you are – or at least one who truly understands the subtle but toxic nature of this pervasive, manipulative, and controlling type of abuse. When you’re searching for the right provider, it’s important that you know exactly who and what you need.

Not all therapists are qualified to help with narcissistic abuse recovery because, according to therapist Stacy Harp, “they don’t teach this stuff in school.” That means the therapist would need to have taken additional courses and done research outside of the standard coursework required for their degree. Of course, there are many therapists who are not only qualified but also survivors themselves. The problem is finding one that works with your insurance and who has a practice near your home.

After much research, in addition to this online therapist group, we recommend Dr. Karyl McBride’s Therapist Referral Network, as we know that Dr. McBride fully understands the implications of narcissistic abuse and the needs of survivors. Please note:  Dr. McBride did not request that we link to her site, and her link is not sponsored. We choose to recommend Dr. McBride’s network because we truly believe that she vets each provider to ensure your safety. Even so, we ask that you always do your own due diligence as we aren’t personally involved in the selection or vetting of providers.

The resources below can help to ensure that you find a narcissistic abuse recovery therapist who can properly serve you.

Also Consider Our Resources for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support

Get One-on-One Support in Your Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Our team of certified life coaches is here to serve you, during and after your narcissistic abuse recovery. Coaching can be an excellent complement to therapy during your recovery. It may also work well as a stand-alone service if you’re not struggling with mental illness but are looking for support, solutions and motivation during your recovery.

Click photos to learn more about each coach and schedule a narcissistic abuse recovery coaching session.


Robust FAQ section covering everything from narcissistic abuse recovery to coaching to our support groups. Get the answers you need.


Powerful articles, videos and podcasts to help you discover, understand and overcome narcissistic abuse in toxic relationships.


Find out what our amazing community of narcissistic abuse survivors says about recovering from narcissistic abuse with the QueenBeeing SPANily.


One-on-One and Group Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching with our certified life coaches, each a survivor herself. 


Get your own personalized narcissistic abuse recovery plan designed for you by Angie Atkinson.

Support Groups

Free, online narcissistic abuse recovery support groups with an experienced team of admins to keep you safe. 


Life Makeover Academy has a wide variety of courses, designed for survivors of narcissistic abuse to help them take back their lives. 

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