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How to Create Your Own Peace and Healing with Kim Saeed and Angie Atkinson

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2 Responses to Narcissists Don’t Do Closure!

  1. I watch these videos faithfully, and they help allot! Here is my comment of the day. When you have finally come to the conclusion that no matter what you do, what you say, how you behave, how many of the ever changing expectations you have met, what lies you have forgiven, what emotional strangulation you have survived, YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BE GOOD ENOUGH, the mental decision must be made to move on. Even though, because we have all been there, you still harbor a tiny bit of hope, all plans are moving forward. Your attorney has been paid, you have secured a place to live, furniture purchased, kitchen items complete, etc. THEN BAM!!! The father in law goes into the hospital again, 2nd surgery in a month. What do you do? You continue on with your plans. You do the next right thing, you offer support, but you keep moving ahead. There is no reason for you to stop and think, jeez, maybe this will be the thing that will make him realize just how shitty of a person he is. IT WON’T!!! So guess what? I did the next right thing, well ok, as best as I could. I sent him a text on the way to work “If you need me today, all you have to do is call.” So guess what? THE SILENT TREATMENT…. Totally expected, still a little surprising, because as we all know, these narcissist can surprise us everyday even though we know what they are capable of. So here I sit, wondering about the surgery, while he plays wounded victim, and his family pats him on the back, pets his head and tells him what a good boy he is.
    Quite frankly, 4 years ago, all this work on yourself stuff would have gotten a response from me like…”this is such bullslhit, pull yourself up by your big girl pants and get on with it.” But now, sitting here reading all the stories that I could have written, the struggle is real. Please find your inner power, higher power, GOD, get moving in the right direction. I still live at home but I am much MUCH happier knowing that I have moved forward…

  2. What does it mean when he tells you that he loves you practical? Is it only in the mind.

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