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Do you think your narcissist is living a double life? Are you worried they are hiding things from you, cheating or just lying to you?In this video, I’ll explore the narcissist’s double life and what that means.

I’ll explain the psychology of why the narcissist feels a need to have this so-called double life, and I’ll dig into what to watch for if you’re worried your own narcissist might be living a double life.

Plus, I’ll share a list of tell-tale signs your narcissist is living a double life.

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One Response to The Narcissist’s Double Life: Pathological Cheating, Hiding and Lying – The PsychologY

  1. My ex-husband lived a double life for our whole marriage of over 40 years. He was into casual sex with other men and I think did it several times a week, probably more when we were young. His anger and secretiveness got worse over time and although I had suspicions I had no concept of covert narcissism back then and probably wouldn’t have believed it anyway.
    It wasn’t until I discovered that his Viagra was missing that I started to put the pieces together. We rarely had sex so I knew then he was doing it with someone else. To this day he denies being gay, denies having been verbally and emotionally abusive, and tells everyone it was all my fault. How I wish I hadn’t put up with his behavior for all those years but I truly loved him. Or rather, I loved the man he was when we first met. Now I realize that he love-bombed me and mirrored me so I thought he was a good man. But he is a monster, a wolf in sheep’s clothing without conscience.

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