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Narcissists have an unnatural relationship with money – one that leads to very toxic situations. They substitute it for love, they feel entitled to it (whether they’ve earned it or not), and they use it to financially abuse and control their victims.

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One Response to Narcissists and Their Relationships with Money

  1. Hey Queen Bee,
    I have been abused by a narcissist over,five years I have left him and have had no contact over now 3years I am still haunted by the financial and emotional damage,done. He was declared bankrupt and forced me to take up loans with loan sharks as if it was due to him. We had separate homes,and never lived together he,continuously asked for loans (the central heating boiler broken…he wanted me to pay a deposit,on a home which I had no idea he was buying..)the list goes on..he has profoundly damaged me and I have stayed alone ever since.I sometimes still miss him and hope I never cross his path again!

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