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This is a compilation of help, advice and encouragement on Narcissistic Abuse Recovery for people who are going no contact with a narcissist or considering going no contact from certified life coach Angela Atkinson of
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The No-Contact Chronicles: Everything You Need to Know About Going NC With a Toxic Narcissist

Basics of No Contact:

1. Stop taking the narcissist’s phone calls.
2. Block him/her on all social media networks.
3. Do not schedule or encourage visits with the narcissist.
4. Stop seeing, speaking to or in any way interacting with him/her.

It’s not rocket science, right? Then why is it so difficult to enact and then to stick to the no contact rule?
On NO CONTACT AND BEING ADDICTED TO THE NARC: There’s an evolutionary spin here – the loss of a potCntial baby-making mate would be bad for us as a species. On top of that, humans are hard-wired to develop bonds to other humans – another survival urge.

Add together your need to bond and the need to keep your mate (or to feel great distress in the loss of him/her), and what do you have?

It affects you like a drug, your relationship with this toxic person. And when you’re not getting the sweet poison, you might just miss it. A lot like a crack addict might miss his fix.

This compilation contains 8 videos that focus on the No Contact practice.

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