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If you are going or have gone no contact with a narcissist, you’ll need support. Here are some helpful resources created just for you.

How do you do no contact?

It’s simple. You stop seeing, speaking to and interacting with the narcissist. You block them on social media and on your phone. You do not communicate with them at all unless you’re forced to because of shared children or the business of divorce.

In those cases, you use what we call “limited contact” or low contact. This means that when you DO contact them, it’s only regarding the business you have to discuss. No emotion should be used or acknowledged during these communications. You use the gray rock method.

Going and staying no contact not only allows you to heal, but it also allows you to clear your life of the negative energy they bring into every room. 

What is No Contact?

No contact is a technique that you can use to begin the healing process after a toxic relationship with a narcissist. It is essentially required to heal after narcissistic abuse and the trauma involved. It involves removing yourself from the narcissist’s life. It isn’t easy, but it is necessary if you ever want to get yourself back.

Free 60-Day No Contact Calendar

If you’re struggling with a recent breakup or a divorce from a narcissist, this printable calendar will come in handy.

The calendar offers daily reminders plus inspirational articles and videos – all designed to help you take your recovery to the next level.

Please note: This calendar is most-effective when used in conjunction with my book, Navigating No-Contact: A Roadmap to Recovery for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors, but is also useful as a standalone resource.

Download your free 60-Day No Contact Calendar Now!

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