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How to Spot a Narcissist? New Research Says It’s This Facial Feature – In a new 2018 study, researchers named Giacomin and Rule have determined that people can identify grandiose narcissists by the distinctiveness of their eyebrows.

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7 Responses to One-Second Narcissist Test?

  1. Been an Esthetician for 20 years now and see no relationship between well groomed eyebrows and Narcissism. There are many types of Narcs presenting in many different ways. One must take a look at the whole person not just an isolated body part.

  2. I love your videos Angie, but I think it’s dangerous to isolate one body part. If people’s perceptions were accurate, how do we know it was the eyebrows? If they perceived one way, is it correct? What were the questions for further study, and the limitstions of the study? Also, as a person ages, natural changes to brows occur, or with thyroid problems. My eyebrows no longer beed plucking but they look like I pluck them!

    • Other thoughs as I watched again – sounds like the researchers studied people’s perception, not a true test of narcissism. Am I missing a poimt? Let me know. Years ago I hear a therapist speak about survivors of sexual abuse. Among other things, she said one coping mechanism was wearing lots of makeup and jewelry, and over zealous personal hygiene.

  3. Can I edit my typos out?

  4. Interesting question. Narcula had a uni-brow when I met him and has bushy eyebrows, even more so as the old man stray greys and random hair that sticks out have begun, even to this day. So from my prospective, have to give that a yes. I also tend to judge people by their eyebrows because of my experience with Narcula. Even those on tv that I could not truly know their personality or behavior patterns. I like you, have never had to pluck my eyebrows and I land firmly and sadly in the codependent group. Is it biological programing or behavior training? Don’t know.

  5. Interesting. I tend to lean toward – no. I was born with big, bushy eyebrows. My narc mother plucked them promptly when I turned 12 to look like hers, thin with an arch. I’ve only kept them that way all through my teen years because I thought that was what was expected. Now, I’d like to have thicker eyebrows, but they won’t grow back. So, does that make me a narc? Being born with bushy eyebrows? I think a more likely determiner is my inability to tell my mom that I didn’t want my eyebrows plucked as well as my inability to even know what I wanted. I was very co-dependent. That being said, I believe the behavior is what should be studied.

  6. My husband is a narcissist. He has had thick eyebrows his whole life, now likes to get them cut a bit at the barber.No, there is no connection, except in the eyes of others. Thick eyebrows can look menacing.

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