You Are in the Overcoming Phase

You know what you’re dealing with, you’ve taken the time to get a pretty good understanding of what you’re dealing with, and you are ready to take back your life and overcome the narcissistic abuse and its after-effects once and for all.

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During the Overcoming Phase

You have already discovered the abuse and spent time learning to understand what you’ve been dealing with. This is when you’re ready to start to move forward and away from the toxic people in your life. Often, this is the time when you can truly begin to go no contact with the narcissist.

You’re ready to begin discovering who you are, what you want and what your life will look like from here on out. 

You are preparing to move into the next evolution of your life and yourself. It’s a beautiful thing!

Helpful Videos for People in the Overcoming Phase

Letting Go

Self-Talk Makeover

FAQ in the Overcoming Phase

Q. Can I make the narcissist be nice to you WITHOUT acting like a narcissist myself?
A. Yes, absolutely – and it can be done in two ethical, repeatable steps – check it out right here.

Q. How do I avoid “relapsing” and going back to the narcissist?
A. The Hard Part: Why and How You MUST Resist Narcissistic Hoovering

Q. What if going no contact with my narcissist isn’t an option? What if I have to stay?
A. Sadly, no contact doesn’t work for every situation, and you and I both know this. Unless you’re being physically abused, sometimes it feels like the wolf you know is better than the one that you don’t. But here are some posts to help you get your head in the right place and tools to help you be happier.

Q. Can I take control of the situation and/or overpower the narcissist?
A. You can, if you’re willing to stand up for yourself – at least temporarily. Once you’ve recognized the situation, you’re already one step closer. Now you need to know how to get through it. Try these posts for help and ideas.

Q. Do you have a class or online course I can take to help me recover from narcissistic abuse?
A. Absolutely! Several, actually! They’re all at our online academy. You can visit Life Makeover Academy right here. 

Q. Can a narcissist ever really love?
A. I think we both know the answer to that question, but just in case:

You are not alone

Let us walk you through it.

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