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So, yesterday as I procrastinated, I mean worked…I happened to come across this post on my favorite mom site which shocked me.

The original poster had posed a question: what did moms think about their husband or significant others going to strip clubs?

And, while some said they didn’t mind and others said they’d be divorced if it happened, still others threatened physical violence against their men if such a thing happened.

So far, nothing unexpected there.

Then, as I browsed the post, one mom wrote a whole paragraph about her feelings on the subject. And, I noticed, other moms began to attack her, specifically for this one statement in her very relevant answer to the post.

What could this woman say to incite so many negative responses? She must have said something really awful, right?

Well…you tell me.

She said, and I’m taking this directly from her response to the post, “I am very pretty and would be greatly offended if my man wanted to look at other chicks naked. I think I am enough for any man. If I am not, he is the wrong man…that is just my personal view.”

She also discussed her reasons for not liking strip clubs (negative way to exploit women, etc) but none of her other points were addressed. She was immediately attacked and told she was “full of herself.”

Now, let me just say that, as a woman, I get it. Society wants us to be humble “good girls”, and if we have the nerve to express our confidence in certain ways, people call us bitches and, if they’re being kind, “full of ourselves.”

But, while I get it, I think it’s wrong.

So I ask you to join me in expressing your self confidence to the world. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. Tell the world that you’re freaking fabulous and be proud of your amazing self.

What? You’re not sure how to do that? Well, don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Check out these posts to help you get started.

My challenge to you today is to think of five amazing things about yourself. Do you have great eyes or lips? Great hair? Are you a great friend, listener or knitter? Can you cook like no one’s business? You know who you are. What’s amazing about you?

And, here’s the hard part, I want you to brag a little. Change your Facebook status to say something wonderful about yourself. Tell your spouse what you accomplished today that rocked. Wear your confidence proudly. Own your amazing self and let the world know that you’re the bomb-diggity.

One more thing. Today, instead of feeling upset or angry when you hear or see someone feeling good about themselves, take a minute to compliment someone. You may be surprised to find that you feel fabulous afterward. (But then, that’s the whole law of attraction working for you–remember that we get back what we put out there!)

What do you think?

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