Palma Di Bello Mingozzi

Palma Di Bello Mingozzi is a self-taught disabled artist and writer from Staten Island, New York, USA.  She expresses herself in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Her interests lay in the abstract including a variety of subjects, infused with realistic themes, including the emotional, humane and spiritual.

She sees her life with art as the creative inspiration of beauty by nature, people and her environment on her island.  She is rooted in the influence of nature, colors, shape, tone, and forms, and her admiration is extended to the many artists she has enjoyed studying over the years, including Michelangelo, Botticelli, Monet, Kandinsky and Pollock.

She has participated in numerous exhibits over the past five years, including Swan Day 2016 and 2017 with Elaine Mendez from Labyrinth and her solo exhibit was at Global Art Gallery in Bari, Italy in 2012.

She is a poet and has written 8 poetry books in two languages, has contributed to many anthologies in various countries including Italy, India, and Turkey.

She has presented Rosa Di Donna, Globalart Gallery performing artist and poet at SIABC Gallery, Staten Island, and Vertigo Art Salon, Times Square, NYC in 2015.

Palma has created two writer group one at the NYPL in Dongan Hills in 2015 and at the South Shore Artists Group in 2017, St. Alban’s, Staten Island and is a Member of Order Sons of Italy.
Palma is the President of The South Shore Artist Group 2016-2017 and is on the Italian Language Club Committee at the Huguenot Library and is part of Ellen Lytle’s Free Writing Class at New Dorp Library.

Palma is the Host of Artist with a Message on Community Television Channel 34.  In 2017 she has interviewed, David Nudelman, Stereotype Co., Christian Penn, Projectivity, Singer-Songwriter, Artist and Poet and published writer and co-Host, June Palo, Tenor Giuseppe Taormina, Deborah Woodbridge, Artist and Caretaker, Conference House Park, South Shore Artists Susan Ippolito, Rikki Botte, Maureen Powers, Annette Marten Pensabene and June Palo, Composer, Trumpeter Volker Goetze, Composer and Founder of Timbalooloo, Grammy Recipient Oran Etkin, Cole Davis, Bass Player, Mario Fabrizio Layne, Drummer, and Photographer Sammy Samore.

Palma has been on the World Poetry Radio Canada, with Ariadne Sawyer, Sandro Salidu, Sardinia, Italy, Parola Mia – Programma Radiofonico Web, on Soundcloud with Il Rifugio Dell’Arte with Francesco Luca Santo and Christian Verdesca, on Yale Interview with Brainard Carey, and Sal Palmeri, New York Italian Music Festival,

September will present many exhibits on Staten Island, The Richmond Town Fair honoring South Shore Artists Group and presenting Artist Antonio De Santis, The Staten Island Museum Snug Harbor Fence Show, The Westerleigh Fair, The Church of the Holy Family Classic Car Show Flea Market and Art Show and the Lighthouse Museum Festival and the Festival at the Mount.

The South Shore Artists Group will present the 1st Annual Art-Ober-Festival at St. Alban’s Church and a Flea Market Fundraiser for the arts at St. Alban’s Church on Staten Island.

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