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You’ve been gaslighted, again.

Your narcissist has gaslighted you again. And quite honestly, you’re exhausted! It’s all too frequent these days – you’re under constant attack. This time, they pulled out all the stops, and you’re feeling a little bit dead inside.

You feel paralyzed, numb, stuck.

Your chest aches – it feels like there’s an elephant sitting there, trying to kill you. But there’s no elephant – only the heavy, toxic energy of the narcissist, hanging in the room, slowly and methodically killing your spirit.

You’re desperately searching the internet for some kind of answer, and you reach out to your support groups on Facebook (if you have the nerve to join any – this will depend on how controlling your narcissist is, of course).

You figured out that they’ve got these “narcissistic tendencies,” and maybe you’ve even sort of diagnosed them as a person with NPD (narcissistic personality disorder).

But what you can’t find anywhere – not in life and not in the virtual world – is peace.

You can’t find the comfort that your soul is desperately reaching out for – needing – aching for. You feel like you’d rather be dead than experience one more moment of this agony – the emptiness and feeling of being completely alone in the world.

You may have even stopped reaching out to your friends and family when you have one of these gaslighting episodes because you know that it will pass. You know that tomorrow, or next week, or next month, the narcissist will make you forget this ever happened.

And you’re tired. You don’t want to hear about how you should “just leave them already,” and so you don’t call anyone. You don’t text anyone.

You realize that when it gets better, you won’t want to hear them talking about the bad times. So you suck it up, and you wait.

You just try to breathe. You try to distract yourself, or you don’t. You can’t do or feel anything else – you can just be numb, unclear, unfocused. Or you cry. Or you drink, you smoke – you eat, shop. Whatever it is, you’ve got your “drug” of choice – your coping technique.

But sometimes it doesn’t work, and you’d do anything just to get the feelings to stop. Your mind races and spaces out at the same time – and you’re stuck, alone, afraid and desperate for the soulmate you thought you had found. But all that stares back at you are dead, cold eyes topping the mouth that spits hate and anger your way and further isolates you.

You wish that you could talk to someone. Someone who has been there – someone who understands. You want to have a friend, a mentor, a coach – someone who can remind you that it really IS NOT you – that you’re not crazy.

Good news. That’s exactly what I am here to do. My name is Angela Atkinson, and I’m a certified life coach who is uniquely qualified to help you through this painful moment in your life – because I’ve been there. Exactly where you are now – and I survived and thrived after I got through it.

And now, I’m on a mission – and I’m going to help you do the same. Are you ready to feel better? Sign up now and get instant access.

PERK (Post-Gaslighting Emergency Recovery Kit): What’s Inside?
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You’ll get tools on how to deal with the paralysis you experience in the aftermath of a narcissist’s gaslighting attack.

Also Inside Your Post-gaslighting Emergency Recovery Kit:

  • Understanding and Coping with Gaslighting Attacks
  • Understanding What Happens Inside the Mind of a Narcissistic Supply After a Gaslighting Attack
  • How to Claim Your Ideal Life
  • How and Why Listening to Yourself Will Help You Find Yourself
  • Understand Why You Haven’t Left Yet

Most Importantly: You WILL Learn to Choose Yourself. Finally.

Plus, I’ll help you figure out what to do next.

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You are not alone

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