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1097051_478485988912478_456984220_oDear DTB Challengers,

Happy Friday! It’s almost time for a long weekend–and right after that, it’ll be time to start the Project Blissful and MTM Body Dare to Bare 8-Week Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge! Have you signed up yet?

Sign up for the Dare to Bare Challenge for free!

We’ve been working on preparing ourselves  mentally and physically all week. After we made the official announcement on Monday, we started off with planning for what to eat during the challenge. Tuesday, we covered planning for our workouts. Yesterday, we talked about preparing to keep track of food intake and exercise.

Ask Yourself: How will you get the support you need during the challenge?

We will offer the support you need in our private challenge group for participants only. But in many cases, it really helps to have a personal friend or family member on board with you. It adds to both the accountability factor as well as your own motivation.

Learn more and sign up for the challenge, right here.

We encourage you to invite your friends or family members to sign up for the challenge too (it’s free, after all!), and to bring them into the group with you. It’ll help you both stay on track better if you can work out together or even just offer emotional support by phone.

However, sometimes you don’t want to share certain parts of your struggle with your friends and family members, and if that’s the case, don’t worry—that’s what we’re here for. Once you sign up for the challenge, you’ll be invited to join us in our secret, private support group on Facebook. No one will know you’re in the group unless they are also in the group—it won’t even show up in your profile. It’s “secret” and by Facebook standards, that means unseen by anyone who doesn’t already know about it. Consider it sort of our own Secret Society.

Sign up for the Dare to Bare Challenge for free!

A Note About Tracking: Do It Your Way

You don’t have to use an app. I get that not everyone uses a smartphone these days. So if an app isn’t right for you, pick up a small, portable notebook or even a personal diary to track your progress. Another option is a blog (public or private) or even certain online free tracking services like or Just do what feels comfortable for you.

So let me hear it! Are you geared up and ready to roll on Tuesday, September 3? Let’s do this!

Share your thoughts, concerns and questions in the comments section below!


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