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Phoebe_in_front_of_the_Wikipedia_globe,_arms_crossed,_2010-06-15Been feeling a little overwhelmed lately? Too much on your plate and you don’t know where to begin? Maybe you just feel like giving up.

Here’s a quick hit way you can easily change your flow and get back on track – a simple move that will help you increase your persistence and start getting things done again.

Queen Bee QT: A Simple 30-Second Trick to Increase Persistence

A 2007 study in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that the simple act of crossing your arms for 30 seconds will increase your resolve to figure out a problem or stick with something until it’s finished.

So, the next time you feel like you just can’t do something or you’re having trouble figuring something out, cross your arms for 30 seconds and give it another go!

Here’s the science behind this trick.

Researchers did two experiments based on their hypothesis that arm crossing can serve as a “proprioceptive cue for perseverance within achievement settings.”

According to their documentation, experiment 1 found that “inducing participants to cross their arms led to greater persistence on an unsolvable anagram,” while experiment 2 revealed that “arm crossing led to better performance on solvable anagrams, and that this effect was mediated by greater persistence.”

No differences in comfort, instruction adherence, or mood were observed between the arms crossed and control conditions, and participants appeared to be unaware of the effect of arm crossing on their behavior.  (See the full study here)

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