Real-Life Plug-In: 10 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Day, Everyday

Written by Angela Atkinson

“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.” ~Henry David Thoreausimplify

Do you feel like life is too hectic to enjoy it sometimes, or is it just me? My guess is we’ve all felt overwhelmed with the “every-dayness” of it all, at one time or another. 

But when you notice that you’re in a rut or you find yourself feeling down, you have two choices: make a change, or not. If you choose to make a change, you can choose to make one that is in line with your personal goals and desires. 

Just choose. Do so intentionally – know exactly what you are deciding and be prepared to jump in without looking back.

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Doing that, combined with your intention and energy, will open up the channels necessary for the life you really want.

Make Your Life Easier: Top 10 Ways to Simplify Your Day, Every Day

By removing the things from your life that don’t matter and adding things that do, life can be much simpler and more enjoyable. A few daily habits can make a big difference in creating more simplicity in your life.

If you have the time, do a quick de-clutter of your home and/or office in order to start with a relatively clean slate. But don’t beat yourself up if you can’t start there – the p0int isn’t to get overwhelmed here, but to begin developing daily habits that will lead to easier days, every day. 

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1.The Real-life Plug-In: Unplug from devices entirely for one hour every day and plug back into the “real world” – the people in your life. Put the cell phone, tablet and other devices away for at least an hour without fail and spend time interacting with your immediate environment. Maybe you could read a book on simplicity – here’s one I wrote. 

2. Sit down and pay your bills each week. Stay on top of your bills and avoid late fees by setting aside 10 minutes a week to pay bills. Knowing you have bills due weighs on your mind, whether you realize it or not. Take care of them regularly.

3. Keep your gas tank at least half-full. Few things are more frustrating than needing to fill your tank at an inopportune moment. If your tank is always at least half-full, you can get gas at your leisure. How convenient! You’ll also have a buffer if you’re running low on cash.

4. Build an emergency fund. If you don’t have any savings, any financial hiccup feels like a catastrophe.

  • Begin by saving whatever you can. A small emergency fund can make a huge difference. You’ll sleep better at night, too.
  • Even a change jar could save your holiday shopping. I know because years ago, I actually saved my change for a year and ended up giving my son a pretty amazing Christmas morning – I had saved over $300 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. The trick was to NEVER spend change – only paper money. And then at the end of the day, I just emptied my coin purse into a coffee can. It worked. 
  • It also helps to avoid writing checks or using your debit card for anything except bills and planned expenses. Getting your grocery money in cash will definitely prevent accidental overspending, if you know what I mean. 

5. Spend 15 minutes picking up the house each night. Make it a ritual for the entire family. Several pairs of hands can get a lot done in 15 minutes. Set a timer and have a race to see who can get the most done.

6. Declutter one drawer or closet each day. This will take a little time during the first pass around the house. But the second time you declutter a drawer or closet will go much more quickly. Get rid of the items you no longer need.

  • Clutter begins in these closed spaces before it spreads to other areas of your house.

7. Create a basic filing system. At the very least, assign a file drawer in a desk as the home of your filing system. There are also portable containers that hold file folders. Organize your important papers, paid and unpaid bills, and anything else that needs to be saved.

  • Personally, I use a standing file box that I tote around the house with me when I’m working in my various spots. Even my office. This is for stuff I’m actively working on or need to deal with the same week .A briefcase or cabinet could also work. 

8. Drop the most boring passive hour of your week. Eliminate one television show from your life and use the free time wisely. Time spent in front of the TV is largely wasted. Drop one television program and use the time for something more enjoyable or constructive. Be creative.

9. Put things away when you’re finished with them. It’s possible to prevent most of the clutter in your home by putting things away when you’ve finished using them.

  • Everything that you have to pick up and put away is something that someone failed to put back in the proper place. Enforce this rule with all members of your family.

10. Set up your day for success. Get ready for work or school the night before. Rather than rushing around in the morning making lunches and searching for papers or clean clothes, get everything ready the evening before. Your mornings will be much more peaceful and being late will become a distant memory.

Have you noticed that simplifying your life is mostly about doing a few simple things each day? It only takes a few, new habits to enhance your life and create a greater sense of well-being. Simplicity doesn’t require a complicated system. Simplicity should be simple, am I right? 

Let’s discuss it. What are your favorite ways to make your days go easier? Share your thoughts and experiences withe QB Community in the comments. 


  • Angela Atkinson

    Angela Atkinson is a certified trauma counselor and the author of more than 20 books on narcissism, narcissistic abuse recovery, and related topics. A recognized expert on narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder who has studied and written extensively on narcissistic personality disorder and narcissistic abuse in toxic relationships since 2006, she has a popular narcissistic abuse recovery YouTube channel. Atkinson was inspired to begin her work as a result of having survived toxic relationships of her own. Atkinson offers trauma-informed narcissistic abuse recovery coaching and has certifications in trauma counseling, life coaching, level 2 therapeutic model, CBT coaching, integrative wellness coaching, and NLP. She is a certified trauma support coach and certified family trauma professional. She also has a professional PTSD counseling certification. Her mission is to help those who have experienced the emotional and mental devastation that comes with narcissistic abuse in these incredibly toxic relationships to (re)discover their true selves, stop the gaslighting and manipulation, and move forward into their genuine desires – into a life that is exactly what they choose for themselves. Along with her solution-focused life coaching experience, Atkinson’s previous career in journalism and research helps her to offer both accurate and understandable information for survivors of abuse in a simple-to-understand way that helps to increase awareness in the narcissistic abuse recovery community. Atkinson founded Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support, the SPANily Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support Groups and the Life Makeover Academy. She offers individual and group coaching for victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse here at and at NarcissisticAbuseRecovery.Online.

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