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I’m not usually one to gossip, but a recent story out of England has caught my attention and I just have to talk about it.

I’m really curious what my readers think about this one. 

This woman is writing a tell-all memoir about her alleged terrible experience at the hands of none other than the Duke of York. I guess a girl has to make a buck…but it does make you wonder. 

Apparently, according to numerous sources, Prince Andrew (AKA the Duke of York) is accused of having sex with a girl who says she was 17 during her tenure as a “sex slave” who had been hired to service the prince, along with a Harvard professor and several other “rich and famous friends” of an American multi-millionaire (who also happens to be a convicted sex offender). 

Though alleged victim Virginia Roberts’ father reportedly said she met the queen during this time, he recently retracted that statement, according to a report from The Independent. 

“I want to clear up that many years ago Virginia stated to me she was to meet the Queen’s son Prince Andrew and not the Queen herself,” he said in a statement. “I’m sorry for any misunderstanding.”

And The Daily Mail breaks it down like this: 

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‘Andrew is a great man, the best in the world’: Fergie says marrying Duke was the finest moment in her life – but she doesn’t mention abuser friend helped pay off her debts

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