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Sex and the Narcissist – Narcissists have some very strange issues around sex. This podcast launches a series on those issues, including the spectrum of narcissistic sexuality, the abuse and manipulation that can be involved, and the ways that narcissists use to control their victims with sex and the related emotions.

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2 Responses to Sex & the Narcissist (Podcast)

  1. Hi Angie, I am 7 months post leaving my narc.doing quite well thanks to your help. This podcast resonated with me! In the love bombing phase, the sex was not amazing, but as you said I didn’t want to hurt his feelings and a great sex life isn’t always immediate so I put it aside. ( I’m going to be blunt next, look away now if you are screamish) he started to fake orgasm, saying he had orgasmed but obviously there was no evidence. Again, being an empath, though maybe it was a medical condition. (Later realised it was probably because he had been with someone else and exhausted supply) Then after about 4 months, if I initiated sex he would jump up after becoming aroused and ask if I wanted a ‘cup of tea’ or fien cramp in his leg which obviously affected me! I thought I wasn’t good enough. This obviously the start of the controlling behaviour. We all know the rest of the story, pathological lying, cheating, multiple email addresses, multiple dating site profiles ect and hindsight is such a wonderful thing. Thank you for the work you do

  2. Mine wasnt loving or sweet during sex. No stroking my skin , no snuggling, always had an excuse. Always washed hia hands immediately. Liked to be rough which i do not. Hair pulling which i stopped. Grabbing my breasts really hard and squeezing. Which i stopped. He always drank tequila in the evening so i did too. I woke up one night with him on top of me, which he never did, and just rolled off and went back to sleep thinking i didnt know. I like sex so he withheld it often. Then acted like it was my fault or that i should always initiate it. During a short breakup i told him he sucked at sex and it didnt matter. I went back because he had major open heart surgery and he was really nice while he needed me but once he was better he was worse than ever. Psycho i believe.

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